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Bruges Travel Guide 2020

Welcome to my Bruges Travel Guide 2020! Me and my mom decided to go on a trip during/after ‘Corona’ to Bruges. We’re both foodies and love to try out different places to eat and love to go on the hunt for admirable boutiques as well. Like a real ‘influencer’ would, I went on the hunt for the cutest and most delightful places to discover, eat and experience in Bruges. I documented all of our activities and put together a travel guide to help you find your way through Bruges! This will be a blog post full of likeable hotspots and other great tips of Bruges!

Tips For Foodies

Tonka Tearoom

Let’s start off this Bruges travel guide 2020 with tips for foodies! Since our stay was during ‘Corona’, no breakfast buffet was arranged at the hotel. As a result we decided to have breakfast every morning outside of the hotel. We tried breakfast at two different places and both were positive! Tonka Tearoom is definitely worth a mention for their amazing American Pancakes!

Tonka Tearoom is open all day for breakfast, lunch or coffee & tea. We had the tastiest American Pancakes served with maple syrup, fresh blueberries and pecans! Tonka is such a nice place and they serve fresh food, colorful and healthy dishes at very honest prices!

Address: Walplein 18, Bruges

Tonka Tearoom Bruges travel guide restaurant
Tonka Tearoom Bruges travel guide restaurant
Tonka Tearoom Bruges travel guide restaurant
Tonka Tearoom Bruges travel guide restaurant


Cafe-Cafe is for sure recommended for a simple and filling breakfast (near the Novotel hotel in Bruges). It was in the same street as our hotel was located, so we went there for breakfast 3 times, because we were still sleepy in the morning.

The cafe is fairly small when it comes to seating, but the price for a simple breakfast with a bread roll, croissant, spreads and tea or coffee was really affordable. It might not be the prettiest cafe, but the food sure was tasty! And a thumbs up for the great service and huge thanks for the free yogurt parfait!

Address: Katelijnestraat 64, Bruges

Cafe-Cafe Bruges travel guide restaurant
Cafe-Cafe Bruges travel guide restaurant

The Potato Bar

Vegan fries and burgers, topped off with homemade veganaise? Coming right up! The Potato Bar is the ultimate food hotspot in Bruges for everyone! No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian or have gluten allergies – The Potato Bar serves the best Belgian fries, croquettes and burgers for everyone!

This food hotspot is a bit more expensive than your average McDonald’s menu, but its an unique food experience and worth your money! My tip: the fries with homemade truffle mayonnaise + classic vegetarian cheese croquettes! So so good! The best truffle mayonnaise I’ve had so far!

Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 31, Bruges

The Potato Bar Bruges travel guide restaurant



Because of ‘Corona’ we decided not to go on one of those pretty boat tours Bruges has to offer. However, we did want to go visit a museum, since that is an suitable activity to do without high risk of getting the virus. My mom really wanted to go to look some Flemish and Belgian art. Therefore we decided to go to the Groeningemuseum!

The Groeningemuseum provides a varied overview of the history of Belgian visual art, with the top-class paintings by the world-renowned Flemish primitives as a highlight. In this museum you can see, amongst other masterpieces, Madonna with Canon Joris Van der Paele by Jan van Eyck and the Moreel Triptych by Hans Memling. It is one of the most beautiful collections in the world, containing many landmark works from the history of European art. You can also marvel at gems from Renaissance and Baroque masters, Bruges neo-classical canvasses from the 18th and 19th centuries and masterpieces by the Flemish expressionists. *Text from

Address: Dijver 12 , Bruges

Groeningemuseum Bruges travel guide
Groeningemuseum Bruges travel guide
Groeningemuseum Bruges travel guide

Shop ’til You Drop

Blaise Boutique

If you’re bored of shopping at fast fashion chains like Zara or H&M or just looking for a elegant boutique in Bruges, Blaise Boutique is worth a visit. There, you will find stunning & fashionable garments.

Blaise Boutique is a Belgium based clothing & lifestyle boutique with a focus on affordable fashion for all styles! Fun fact: Blaise Boutique was founded by Eline Blaise, a beauty, lifestyle & fashion blogger and vlogger. If you don’t have a trip to Bruges planned anytime soon, have a look at the online store!

Address: Geldmuntstraat 17, Bruges

Blaise Boutique Bruges travel guide clothing store
Blaise Boutique Bruges travel guide clothing store
Blaise Boutique Bruges travel guide clothing store

Bubbles At Home

Everytime I visit Bruges, I have to stop by at Bubbles At Home. This shop is definitely worth a visit for every beauty lover! Here you can find great clean beauty products and even products that focus on skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Bubbles At Home sells luxury beauty products inspired by nature, made with high-quality, cruelty free and vegan ingredients. I love this shop so much that I even dedicated a whole article on it! Interested? Take a look at my ‘Luxurious Belgian Beauty Inspired By Nature At Bubbles At Home Bruges‘ article!

Address: Wollestraat 21, Bruges

Bubbles At Home Bruges travel guide beauty store

SeventyOne – Retro Boutique

My mom and I love visiting retro, vintage or second hand stores. We knew the SeventyOne retro boutiques from their store located in Antwerpen. It’s always fun to walk in and take a look at the amazing pieces, shoes, handbags & accessories!

The aim for SeventyOne is to dress retro enthusiasts from all countries in an original and conscious way. As a result SeventyOne has developed its own clothing line as well! It’s the ultimate retro collection for the retro enthusiasts! The collection includes some great retro basics and some exquisite pieces. The SeventyOne collection is produced under fair working conditions and with respect for people and the environment! Love that!

Address: Noordzandstraat 75, Bruges

SeventyOne Bruges travel guide retro boutique

Goûts et Couleurs – Concept Store

For cute homeware, accessories and stationary, go to Goûts et Couleurs! Goûts et Couleurs has two store located almost next to each other. The main store is all about interior styling. In addition, Goûts et Couleurs has another inspiring concept store where you can shop beautiful items to fit in your home or gift to other people.

You can shop for unique gadgets and nice gifts to your heart’s content at the Goûts et Couleurs concept store. Think of post cards, illustrations, handbags, jewelry and sunglasses. The ground floor has been converted into a cozy children’s section, so don’t forget to check that out, because we walked right past it.

Address: Ezelstraat 1 & 5, Bruges

Goûts et Couleurs Bruges travel guide gift store

That was it for my Bruges travel guide 2020. I hope you enjoyed it and will visit one of my recommended hotspots on your next trip to Bruges!

Do you know any exceptional hotspots in Bruges? Be sure to share them with me in the comments below for our next trip to Bruges!

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