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Stenders Cosmetics Maastricht

Since October 2021, the very first Dutch Stenders Cosmetics store opened its doors in Maastricht. Stenders Cosmetics is known for their bath and body care inspired by Nordic nature. This gorgeous little cosmetics store in the centre of Maastricht is the perfect place if you are looking for the most superb and luxurious self care items with natural ingredients!

About Stenders Cosmetics

Stenders Cosmetics is a Latvian cosmetics brand shaped by Scandinavian heritage and inspired by nature. ‘Self-care’ and ‘me-time’ has only just become a trend in western Europe, but in Latvia this trend has been going on for much longer.

For that reason, Stenders Cosmetics is the expert of ‘me-time’ in Northern Europe. Stenders fully focuses on the power of natural ingredients in their colorful, playful and fragrant products. Now the brand is ready to conquer the Netherlands with their unique care products!

Stenders Cosmetics Maastricht

Bath, Shower & Body Cosmetics

Stenders Cosmetics offers a huge collection of bath, body and shower cosmetics. For instance, you have the normal shower gels, bath bombs and body lotions. Additionally, Stenders has a whole lot of slightly unusual and odd products. To illustrate, they sell products like Slime Soap, Jelly Soap and Soap Clay. The jelly soaps are a concept I have seen at Lush before, but I have never heard about slime and clay soap before which makes them unique to Stenders. I must say I am definitely intrigued to try them!

Stenders Cosmetics Maastricht

The Best Cosmetics Store in Maastricht!

I am so glad that there is now a Stenders Cosmetics store in Maastricht! The store itself looks gorgeous on the outside and inside. The scents and colors of the products really complete the whole shopping experience! You can test all of the products in the sink in the middle of the store. Additionally, the store employee will help you if you have any questions or want a demonstration on how to use a certain product.

On top of that, Stenders Cosmetics is the perfect place in Maastricht when you’re looking for sustainable bath, shower and body products. The soap bars are packaging free, just like the shampoo bars, solid conditioner and most of their bath bombs. To sum up Stenders Cosmetics is a great addition to the beautiful city of Maastricht!

Stenders Cosmetics Maastricht
Stenders Cosmetics Maastricht

Wycker Brugstraat 58, Maastricht (NL) –

xo. Gwen

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