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Shopping Guide Bruges

shopping guide bruges

In Bruges you will find a lot of gorgeous boutiques that are worth a visit. Those boutiques sell some amazing and unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. However, some shops are a bit hidden away from the touristy parts of Bruges and not easy to find. In this Bruges shopping guide you will find where to go, whether you’re looking for beauty items, beer, clothing – or all three!

Bubbles at Home

Bubbles At Home sells luxury beauty products inspired by nature, made with high-quality, cruelty free and vegan ingredients! They offer some great clean and vegan beauty products. In addition, they sell exclusive products that focus on skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. 

Bubbles At Home is best known for their abundant range of colorful soap bars. However, you will not only find their amazing organic soap bars in all kinds of scents and colors in their store in Bruges. They have so much more to offer such as: bath bombs, body scrubs & butters, facial creams and makeup

Address: Wollestraat 21, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Twee Meisjes

At the Twee Meisjes boutique in Bruges you will find affordable, playful & timeless fashion with brands such as Vila, Ichi, BYoung, Sugarhill, FRNCH, Tom Tailor, Pieces and Nümph. They sell some superb colorful dresses, funny prints, Scandinavian classics and French elegance which I love! In addition, they have a webshop where you can also order the items from the boutique.

Address: Eiermarkt 8, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Goûts et Couleurs

For cute homeware, accessories and stationary, go to Goûts et Couleurs! Goûts et Couleurs has two store located almost next to each other. The main store is all about interior styling. In addition, Goûts et Couleurs has another inspiring concept store (pictured here) where you can shop beautiful items to fit in your home or gift to other people.

You can shop for unique gadgets and gifts to your heart’s desire at the Goûts et Couleurs concept store. Think of post cards, illustrations, handbags, jewelry and sunglasses. The ground floor has been converted into a cozy children’s section, so don’t forget to check that out!

Address: Ezelstraat 1 & 5, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Blaise Boutique

Blaise Boutique is my favorite clothing boutique in Bruges. They are a Belgium based clothing & lifestyle boutique with a focus on affordable fashion for all styles! In my opinion, Blaise Boutique has a beautiful clothing collection with mainly items in nude or pastel colors. In their boutique you will also find some stellar jewellery and adorable baby clothes! Every time I visited the boutique in Bruges, I buy a piece of jewellery since they are of great quality and very affordable! They even have an online shop which can be found at

Address: Geldmuntstraat 17, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop is a favourite spot for many tourists to shop for beer in Bruges! They offer a majestic collection of Belgian beers, making it well worth a visit for anyone looking to buy some. 800+ beers, giftbaskets, souvenirs & glassware line the shelves at this elegant, open-timbered shop. Make sure to stop by and lose yourself in the magical world of beer!

Address: Wollestraat 13, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Talia Brugge

Talia Brugge is a typical boho-chique women’s clothing boutique located in the Geldmuntstraat in Bruges. The boutique offers a cute selection of clothing items, accessories and jewelry. Talia Brugge has a cozy and comfy vibe and they sell the cutest summer outfits. However, they only sell specifically women’s clothing, so feel free to drop off your spouse or kids at another store while browsing this one!

Address: Geldmuntstraat 37, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Shopping Guide Bruges

2Be Shop & Bar

2Be is, as the name suggests, the place-to-be for tourists in Bruges. It is a pub and bottle shop with a wall-of-beer. The 2Be shop offers wide variety of beer, chocolates, biscuits, t-shirts and more typical Belgium items and souvenirs. After shopping at 2BE feel free enjoy a beer at the 2Be-Bar on an outdoor patio offering charming river views of Bruges! The choice of beer at this place!

Address: Wollestraat 53, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

La Maison du Savon de Marseille

La Maison du Savon de Marseille sells soap bars in all the colors of the rainbow and every marvellous scents you could ever think of! You can find this small boutique in the main shopping street of Bruges located near the Belfry of Bruges. Besides soap bars, they also have a range of other shower, bath, and body products, including skin care.

Address: Steenstraat 14, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!


The retro boutique SeventyOne aims to dress retro enthusiasts from all countries in an original and conscious/environmentally friendly way. As a result SeventyOne has developed its own clothing line as well! It’s the ultimate retro collection for the retro enthusiasts! The collection includes some great retro basics and some exquisite pieces. The SeventyOne collection is produced under fair working conditions and with respect for people and the environment! Be sure to pop into SeventyOne if you’re a real retro and vintage enthusiast!

Address: Noordzandstraat 75, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. Visit their site!

Shopping Guide Bruges

I hope this Shopping Guide helped and guided you on your quest to discover all the fun boutiques Bruges has to offer and that you enjoyed these shops as much as I did! I would love to hear about your own experiences and purchases in the comments!

xo. Gwen

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