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It’s a Present | Hotspot In Utrecht

Utrecht is one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands. It’s such a gorgeous city, but it’s not as touristy as Amsterdam. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to see and do in Utrecht. Most importantly, Utrecht is a great place to go shopping!

There is a large indoor mall right next to Utrecht Central Station called Hoog Catharijne where you can find a bunch of stores. Besides all the well-known large chains, you will also be able to find the cutest boutiques in Utrecht selling the most amazing items! One of those boutiques in Utrecht is It’s a Present. I’ve shared a bit about It’s a Present in my ”A Weekend In Utrecht” article, but it’s such a fun place it deserves its own article.

About It’s a Present

In the center of Utrecht, with a view of the Dom and right along the Oude Gracht, you will find a charming boutique called It’s a Present. It’s a Present has an online shop and physical stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. They even have two locations in Amsterdam.

It’s a Present is the place-to-be if you are looking for original gifts. Whether you are buying something for a loved one or yourself, you will most definitely find the right gift here. They offer many amazing brands and items. In short, It’s a Present is a shop full of gift inspiration with beautiful home accessories, gadgets, greeting cards, house plants and maternity gifts.

Address: Lijnmarkt 16, 3511 KH Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Instagram-famous Swing

At the back of the It’s a Present store in Utrecht, you will find a swing placed above the Oude Gracht. You can swing above the canal and take cute pictures on the swing! Don’t forget to tag It’s a Present to show them some love if you’re posting pictures of yourself on the swing on Instagram!

A Must-visit When in Utrecht

Among all the cute shops in Utrecht, you must not forget to check out It’s a Present. They sell a lot of items that make you say, “Wow that’s cool!”. It’s such a charming shop with laid back vibes and the most unique, colorful and cool items. As a plant lover my favourite section of the store is of course their plant section. But wouldn’t everyone like to get a flower pot with weird faces or quotes as a gift? Someone left a review on a Google that said: “If you’re feeling a bit grumpy, walk in and you’ll be happy again!” and I totally feel the same way about It’s a Present!

xo. Gwen

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