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Coffee Date At Tableau

Saturday I went on a coffee date at Tableau in Heerlen with my dear friend Leva! I had wanted to go to this new cafe in Heerlen for a while now. When we planned our coffee date, Leva and I decided to go have a coffee at Tableau. We were very curious about the cafe, because Tableau consists of two concepts. Partly as a lunch room and partly as an art corner! Join us on our coffee date and let me show you all about the cafe and art corner Tableau!

Coffee Date At Tableau

About Tableau

The owners of Tableau are Puck and Zindzi, born and raised in Heerlen. They’re interested in things such as art, food and drinks, and chatting with people. That’s how Tableau was born! They were missing something in Heerlen. A place to be specific. The combination between food & drinks and being creative. Puck and Zindzi have set up Tableau in their own way to fill this gap, for themselves and all other residents of Heerlen.

Tableau functions as both a cafe/lunch room as well as a space for artist/ small businesses to sell their creations in the art corner. At the front you will find a terrace, the bar and a nice place to sit back and relax and in the back you can find all the art products they sell.

Address: Oranje Nassaustraat 7, Heerlen

Coffee Date At Tableau

The Food

In the lunchroom/cafe from Tableau, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a sandwich or a pastry. On their site you can have a look at all the drinks and dishes they serve. In addition to what’s on the menu, they also serve mocktails, smoothies and lemonades. These options and their switching vegan pastries and cakes, can be found on the sign above the bar.

Coffee Date At Tableau

The Art Corner

Like I mentioned earlier on, Tableau also partly functions as a shop. At Tableau you can buy items such as second-hand finds, decorative items, jewelry, beauty products and art. Everything is inspired by their love for interior and all for a fair price. The products don’t only exist of their own framed illustrations, but also work by other creatives.

Almost everything at Tableau is for sale: the cutlery you eat from, the chair you sit on and all the other stuff you use. If anything in particular catches your eye you can always ask the employees (or give a call) for more information. I especially liked their illustrated postcards. Maybe I will come back and purchase some to frame and put up in my room!

Coffee Date At Tableau

Honest Review

Artsy, aesthetic and cozy are some words I would associate with Tableau. It’s such a nice place to have a coffee and chat with friends! We sat outside on the terrace, but I would love to come back on a breezy autumn day and have a latte inside. They even have a bunch of board games you can play with your friends, family or colleagues.

The lattes were delicious and the baked goods tasted freshly baked! The dishes at Tableau come at very honest prices. For both of our lattes, a cheesecake and a brownie I paid €14,50 in total. Not a bad price at all! I would definitely come here again!

Would you like to go here for a coffee date?

xo. Gwen

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