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What I got for Christmas 2020

Welcome to my annual what I got for Christmas article of 2020! I hope you had a lovely Christmas! My Christmas was a bit different this year and I feel like for many of us it was. It’s been a very odd Christmas without getting to celebrate with the whole family or all of my friends.

On the other hand, it has been a chill Christmas. It was cozy getting to celebrate Christmas with just my family. We decided to not get each other presents this year, because we already did that for another Holiday a bit earlier in December. However, I did wanted to share with you the few things that I got for Christmas this year!

My Brother’s Christmas Gift To Me

Even though decided to not get each other presents for Christmas this year, I did get a present from my brother. In the ”My Christmas Wishlist 2020” I mentioned I would love to get a record player for Christmas. So, my brother remembered and bought me one as present!

I couldn’t be happier with my present! All I have to do now is buy some vinyl records, so I can listen to music with my record player. Until I have my own vinyl records, I will just be listening to my brother’s Coldplay LP.

What I got for Christmas 2020

Friends Christmas Gift Exchange

This year I did a gift exchange with my bff for the first time. Normally we would have a Christmas celebration or maybe even do a secret santa game with all of our friends, but because of covid we didn’t get the change this year. It was still much fun to do a gift exchange with just us two however. Therefore, we decided on a bigger budget than we would normally do with secret santa and were able to buy more personal gifts.

Because of a second lockdown here in the Netherlands all stores except for the necessary ones were closed. As a result we did just end up buying all kinds of products to put together little self-care packages for each other.

I bought her mostly beauty products such as: face masks, a bath bomb, a small perfume set and so on. She bought me: fragrance sticks, a hand care gift set, a pair of happy socks and nd no less than 3 winter/Christmas themed face masks! We even ended up buying each other the exact same hand care gift sets. Above all, we just had fun exchanging presents and I’m very happy with the goodies she gifted me!

What I got for Christmas 2020

A Present I Bought For Myself

This year I decided to spoil myself a bit. It’s been a difficult year for all of us and since it’s coming to an end, I had to treat myself to a little something. I bought myself the Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori Eau De Toilette! This perfume has been on my wishlist for years and they had a sale with 25% off and I just had to get it for myself! I definitely don’t regret it (yet)!

What I got for Christmas 2020

Those were the few items I got this Christmas that I just quickly wanted to share with you. Whatever your circumstances, I hope you had a great Christmas filled with love! Let’s hope we can all celebrate Christmas together again next year!

What did you get for Christmas? Share it with me in the comments!

xo. Gwen

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