Room Makeover

I am one of those people who never invest much in room decoration. Since I have been spending so much time in my room and behind my desk during COVID, I promised myself I would do a little room makeover and buy some new decorations. I finally invested some money in cute decorations, a new desk lamp and a makeup mirror.

In this article I just wanted to show you all the cute stuff I bought for my room, where it’s from and the prices. I’m so in love with this little room transition! My room feels so comfy now and I can’t wait to add autumn or festive decorations very soon! It makes me happy to spend time in my own room!

Room Makeover

I did a small makeover to my desk and vanity by reorganizing them, getting rid of items inside my vanity I don’t need and putting up new decorations and other items. To make my room a bit more green/floral, I even did a DIY with a garbage item and displayed some lavender on my desk in an old lemonde bottle. I just focused on buying items I love and create an aesthetic display that would match the rest of my room.

Details Desk

Storage Boxes – Wibra

Golden & glass tray – Action / Post card – Blaise Boutique / Picture frame – Leenbakker

Shopping basket – Flying Tiger / Rainbow lightbox – HEMA

Room Makeover

Lamp – Ikea / Planner – HEMA

Room Makeover

Details Vanity

Room Makeover

Dried Flowers – Zeeman / Vase – Ikea / Gold Mirror – Ikea

Succulents + Vase – Ikea

Room Makeover

Storage Boxes – Wibra (same ones as on my desk)

Pencil holder – Action

Room Makeover

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your own room or found some items you like in this article. I definitely found it fun to write about my room makeover and to photograph these stunning items in my room! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more lifestyle articles like these on my blog and I’ll keep the content coming! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

What is the most beautiful decoration you have in your room?

xo. Gwen

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