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Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

An easy way to expand your houseplant collection is through propagation. Basically, you take seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts from one plant and use it to grow a whole new plant! That is to say, propagating plants can be really easy and fun. It’s a great way to make use of your already existing plants! On the other hand, you can also buy new cuttings or exchange cuttings with friends and family to expand your pant collection.

Since my houseplant collection is not that big yet I don’t have any plants that I can take cuttings from. Therefore, I ordered myself some cuttings to propagate from the Stekfabriek.

Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

The Stekfabriek

Stekfabriek is a Dutch company selling boxes filled with cuttings, so you can propagate your own houseplants. On the website you can order multiple sizes of boxes filled with cuttings. For the boxes you can choose from size S with 3 cuttings (price €7,99), M with 6 cuttings (price €13,99) or L with 9 cuttings (price €18,99). Once you pick the size of your box, you can pick the cuttings yourself.

Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

Further, to be able to provide all the cuttings with information, all packages include a letter about the cuttings you ordered. These letters include information such as which plant it actually is, how to grow it and the symbolism of each plant. Most importantly, shipping your package within the Netherlands will cost €4,10.

Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

I ordered myself 6 cuttings from the Stekfabriek website and my bestie got me 3 as a present for my birthday. As a result, I now have 9 cuttings in total that I want to propagate. To sum up, I will be propegating the Peperomia Watermelon, Peperomia Santorini, Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus, Monstera Monkey Mask, String Of Pearls, Begonia Maculata, Philodendron Scandens, Maranta Fascinator and Maranta Kerchoveana.

Pursuing this further, all these houseplants cuttings can be able to be propagated in water. I always put my cuttings in small clear vases that I usually purchase at the thrift store. The Stekfabriek letters contain further information about how to correctly place each cutting in the water. It can take about 2-4 weeks for the cuttings to grow roots. Preferably keep the cuttings in a place that’s a bit warmer. Additionally, keep them away from windows, cause that will cause too much fluctuating temperatures.

Propagating Houseplants With The Stekfabriek

It’s A Start!

This concludes the beginning of my houseplant propagation adventure. All cuttings are now neatly placed in their own vases filled with water and now I’ll have to wait until they grow roots. I have only propegated a Pilea peperomioides once before, so I am still fairly new with propagation. To wrap it all up, I hope these cuttings will grow long, big and strong roots! I’m rooting for them! 😉

Have you tried propagating any of your houseplants? What have you grown?

xo. Gwen

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