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Welcome to my new site! As you might know, DreamersLabNL now has a new site, which is the one you’re using now. You might wonder why it’s so empty and if there are any interesting articles to read. This new site is indeed still very empty, but that will soon change and the site will be full of new articles. Until then, I would like to refer you to my old site! My old site contains articles that I have written in the past 2 years. Everything is on there, from reviews, travel posts to hotspots and personal articles. To make it easy for you, you can find a selection of my favourite articles from the past 2 years that are on my old site below!

In February this year I was invited by Lush to take a look at their store in Maastricht that reopened! Me and a friend of mine got extensive tour of the new store layout and all the products and we even got some goodies to take home! Read all about the new store in the article Lush Maastricht Store Reopening. Reviews of the products that have been given to me by Lush are also to find on my old blog. Think of Lush products such as the American Cream Hair Conditioner, Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar, Vanillary Gorilla perfume, Conga Shower Jelly and Mask of Magnaminty!

Last December I was on a city trip to London. I took a lot of photos there and wrote something about my trip on my old blog. Several articles have been published with a travel report of my trip. These travel reports can be found in the articles London Citytrip December 2019 | Day 1: Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace & Chinatown and London Citytrip December 2019 | Day 2: Camden Market & Winter Wonderland. I also made a stop in Canterbury during my trip. The report from Canterbury can be read in the article Canterbury Highlights London Trip December 2019. In London I also came across some cool hotspots such as Cyberdog Camden Market, Glossier Pop-up Covent Garden and P2bus K-beauty Chinatown articles can be read about these posts too.

In November 2019 I went to the Glamour Beauty Festival in Amsterdam. You can already conclude from the name that this festival would be perfect for me. The festival was a lot of fun and I wrote two reports about it. Yes, two reports (!), because I could make that much content of the photos I took! These reports can be found at Glamor Beauty Festival Amsterdam 2019 | Part 1: We got scammed ?! and Glamor Beauty Festival Amsterdam 2019 | Part 2: Was the goodie bag really worth it? on my old blog.

Almost a year ago in the summer I went on holiday with my family in Belgium! We also visited the city of Bruges twice, hence this photo on the side. I also wrote cool articles about this vacay. There are two travel reports: Vacay In Belgium 2019 | Part 1 Bruges and Vacay In Belgium 2019 | Part 2 Dunkirk & Bray-Dunes. There is also an extra article of 3 Shopping Hotspots in Bruges! Especially the article with the three hotspots is a favorite of mine, because I love the city of Bruges!

Another one that has to do with travel is one of my articles back in 2018, when I was in Paris. The post is a Travel Diary of my Paris trip. Since blogging was still fairly new to me at the time, the article mainly consists of photos and a small summary of what I did in Paris. This is still one of my favorites, because it is just a nice reminder of the trip for me. I would suggest you read the article for fun and don’t judge my blogging skills.

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