Monthly Snaps #3 | March 2020

The month March started off well, but at the same time the Coronavirus started spreading in my home country. The first two weeks of the month I just went to school like always. I was very busy studying for a test week. It quickly turned around. Measures had to be taken. Everyone had to work from home as much as possible and our school was also closed until further notice. For the rest of the month of March, I had to stay home and it will stay that way until the end of April. I now get online class eachy day to keep up with school. Because I have not done much else, I am going to arrange this article a bit differently. I am going to show you what I did while locked inside this month. Are you reading along?

At the beginning of this month I received a very package from Méanail Paris with their Ruby Kit. Great timing, because now I have plenty of time to try out the set! The Ruby Kit is a set to do gel nails yourself at home. There will be an article about this Ruby Kit soon!

This month I also spent a lot of time working on blog content. Since I was home all the time, I had the time. My way of scheduling my blog is very messy and I found out that I still had many concepts open from posts that I had never finished. Luckily, those were product reviews, so they can still be used.

The sun is starting to shine more now that it’s Spring and the weather is getting better, which is great for when I’m taking product photos. I normally do this on weekends, because the sun is at its best in the afternoon. Now that I don’t have to go to school and have an hour off in the afternoon, I have enough time to do this more often.

At the moment, all restaurants are closed and many stores are also closing their physical stores. You can still do takeout at restaurants and have it delivered at home. Jamin (my favorite candy store) now also does special home delivery, where you can text or call a store near you and they will deliver it directly from the store to your doorstep. Of course I had to try this out, so I ordered half a kilo of Easter eggs and a chocolate bar. My order was delivered the same day I placed it and I can tell you that the Easter eggs are already gone!

Fresh air is very important now that we are all indoors. I try to go outside atleast once every day and I prefer to take a walk or go for a run with my brother, so if it is not raining or freezing cold, I go outside. However, I keep enough distance from other people when I go for a walk through the forest. Since it’s Spring now the weather is getting more sunnier and warmer, so I can also relax in the backyard.

I made myself useful this week and made soaps last weekend. I used to do this as a kid and I was lucky to still have some old stuff in a box, so I could make soap. Now I was able to get creative while I’ stuck inside! The soaps have worked out well and I am going to gift them all to friends and family! By the way, I got a lot of questions on my Instagram story about how I made the soaps myself and where I had the stuff to make it from, so a DIY article will be posted on my blog soon!

Many companies and brands currently have special offers online such as free special shipping. So if you’re looking to buy something online now, is your chance. I have already bought quite a lot online, come to think about it now. I’ve already ordered these beauty products online and some clothes. I have shoes and some jewellery on the way right now!

Image: Courtesy of owner

I know this month’s monthly snaps article was just me ranting and giving you a little update with what I’m currently doing at home during this weird situation, but I’ll make sure to try and gather some more content for the monthly snaps article of next month. I’ll try to give you a more intimate look into my life during home isolation for the next article, so I’ll try to take as many pictures of everything as possible. Easter is also coming up, so I’m just trying to make the best of the situation at home. I hope all my readers and followers are healthy and safe! Let me know in the comments how you’re dealing with this current situation. Stay safe, keep your distance from others and wash your hands!

Thank you for reading!
Until next time!!

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