Can We Go Back To Normal Yet?! | Life Update June 2020

You might have noticed the absence of personal articles on my blog. If you have already been following my blog since the old site I had, you might know I did a series of articles with an update of my life every month. Since I’ve been staying home because of COVID-19, I stopped doing these life updates every month. The content just got to boring and I didn’t feel up to it to continue these articles. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Europe and I wanted to give a personal update to my followers. I don’t know whether I will continue the ‘Monthly Snaps’ series anytime soon, but I’ll keep you posted.

First off, I’m doing well currently. thanks for asking! I’m still healthy and haven’t been ill since February, so I don’t think I had/have the virus. All this time I had online classes and assignments for school, couldn’t see my friends or family and only barely came outside. The current situation here in the Netherlands (where I live) and Europe looks positive. Since a couple of weeks I have been slowly starting to go back to normal again, but a new normal. I still got online classes, but am also physically going to school again for 4 hours a week. I have seen my friends at school again and was able to visit my grandma again. Things are definitely not completely going back to normal again anytime soon, but it does get me into a positive mood again to be around people. All of the setbacks and the feeling of a lack of control did get me into a depressive mood, during the time I self-isolated. I’m just glad I get to see people agian and have some structure in my daily routine again.

My school and workplace the past few months

Talking about a positive outlook, I do hope I can still get to enjoy this Summer. I do have a normal summer break over the summer like always, but I have I feeling I will experience it in a different way. Maybe even enjoy it a bit more than other times? Like last week we went out for lunch in the first time in forever and I felt so happy and positive that day! I really enjoyed something so simple! Let’s just hope the Coronavirus disease will just back off for a while, so we can enjoy the Summer. The borders within Europe have opened for European countries, so I did book a vacation In Belgium with my mom somewhere in July. We’re going to Bruges baby! Let’s hope for the best! I’m also planning to just go hang out with a small group of friends at a time and do some simple activities like picknicking in the fields and chilling in the garden with an ice cream and just catch up. Just got to finish up my year of school and them I’m all ready for vacation! Can’t wait for my Summer break!

Our lunch from last week at Shoko Simpelveld

For my blog I have a completely blank agenda. No events, no outings… nothing! Well… Not nothing, because I’m still receiving pr-packages and writing articles. I’m currently looking for more content I can make at home, since my blog has been nothing but reviews these past weeks. I am definitely taking my camera with me on vacation in Bruges to shoot content for a travel guide, but you all have to wait some time for that to be posted. If you have any ideas or maybe suggestion for articles you would want to see here on my blog let me know!

Thanks for tuning in for this life update. I hope you all survived lockdown, quarantaine of social distancing and are all still healthy and happy! Let me know in the comments how you all experienced these last few months and what the future is looking like for you. I hope we can all slowly start up our daily lifes again very soon, while keeping our distance of course!

Thank you for reading!
Until next time!!

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