My Favourite Summer Items 2020

I just have a lot of items that I have been absolutely loving that I wanted to share with you. I figured out that I would show you a bunch of those items in a ‘My Favourite Summer Items 2020‘ article. These items are all lifestyle related and I just thought it would be fun to share them. Have fun reading!

Kyky Amsterdam Phone Case With Cord

I received my Kyky Amsterdam phone case + cord in my PR inbox somewhere during last winter. When ‘Corona’ came, I tucked it away somewhere, since I wasn’t able to take the Kyky phone case with cord anywhere useful. As a result, I only recently started using my Kyky phone case when I went on a vacation to Bruges.

When I started wearing the case on vacation, I found out how convenient a cord to carry your phone can be. I normal have my phone in my jeans or purse when I go out. This way it’s much easier to carry your phone around in general or if you’re wearing a dress, for example. Such a life saver! Now I can easily take out my phone anytime to document something, cause that’s what it’s like being an influencer. You’re constantly taking pictures or filming content.

My Favourite Summer Items 2020

Moon Flower Perfume From Juniper Lane

In my recent article called ‘My Perfume Collection‘ you were already able to read about this perfume. I still wanted to mention the perfume in this article, since it’s a summer essential for me!

The Moon Flower perfume by Juniper Lane is my favourite fragrance this summer! Moon Flower has notes of raspberry & cherry, rose & violet and almond. The fragrance is delightful and the sweet & floral fragrance is perfect for summer days!

NYZE Wallet

It was time for a new wallet and I finally decided to invest in a good quality wallet. My last wallet was from Pull & Bear and I carried it around until it was completely worn out. I treated myself to a gorgeous pink wallet from the brand NYZE. I had to go for the pink color, because that’s just me!

This wallet has all the space I need for my endless collection of member cards you can have these days and my bank cards and cash. It is very spacious, but compact enough to carry in my bag and backpack. The wallet is of very nice quality, so I do hope to carry this one around for at least a couple of years.

My Favourite Summer Items 2020

Travel Souvenirs From Bruges

When I travel, I always like to bring back a souvenir for myself. It always differs what I bring back home with me as souvenir.

From my trip to Bruges this summer, I brought back an illustrated post card and a bracelet. Both the postcard and bracelet are from Blaise Boutique, located in Bruges. I’ve put the postcard in a striking gold picture frame, which looks great on my desk!

The bracelet is to me not just a memory of Bruges, but it’s a reminder/symbol for how much I love travelling. It now has a permanent place around my left wrist together with my zodiac sign bracelet!

My Favourite Summer Items 2020
My Favourite Summer Items 2020

Share some of your favourite summer items of 2020 with me in the comments below!

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