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My Favourite Memories Of 2020

A new year is coming and I’m glad 2020 is almost over! 2020 has certainly been a difficult year for us all. On the other hand, I’ve made some beautiful memories I will never forget and forever cherish! Looking back there are some highlights this year that are worth sharing. Some of my favorite memories were of my travels, spending time with friends & family and some extremely fun collaborations with amazing brands. Therefore, I want to share my favourite memories of 2020!

First PR Event!

2020 was the year in which I was invited to my very first PR event. One of my favourite brands, Lush, invited me to a store reopening in Maastricht! I brought a friend with me and I had a marvelous time! It was a huge deal for me as a blogger to be invited to my very first event and I’m glad it happened.


I haven’t been travelling much in 2020 because of COVID. However, I did go to Bruges during the summer for a couple of days and spend a weekend in Utrecht. I didn’t go too far from home, but traveling this year was even more fun! I enjoyed my time away from home even more than I would normally do and both trips were amazing! You can read about my trips in the articles: Bruges Travel Guide 2020 & A Weekend In Utrecht!

Coffee Dates With Friends

I have always appreciated being with friends and because of COVID I realised how special these people are for me. Being around the people I love can really lift my spirits and make my day. I love to catch up with my friends by taking them on coffee dates. After we went out of lockdown I went on a lot of coffee dates with friends. We would have coffee, tea, lunch, or cake. Doesn’t matter what we would have or where we would go, it’s always fun to chat with my friends! Even the little moments we shared are precious to me!

Halloween Party

There weren’t many parties I attended this year, so I decided to throw my own Halloween party this year. My very first one! Of course all according to the COVID guidelines at the time. I was only allowed to invite 3 of my friends unfortunately, but I had an amazing time! We watched a horror movie, listened to Halloween music and ate lots of snacks. We had a good time!

BFF Christmas Gift Exchange

Normally I would have a Christmas celebration or maybe even do a secret santa game with all of my friends, but because of COVID we didn’t get the change this year. I decided to do a Christmas gift exchange with my BFF this year instead. A Christmas celebration with just the two of us wasn’t so bad after all. We had lots of fun exchanging our gifts and we watched a Christmas movie, drank hot chocolate and ate Christmas cookies!

Fun Collabs!

With my blogging career comes the fact that I get to collaborate with the most amazing brands and companies! It’s always extremely fun to create content for them and my own blog with their products! It’s not only receiving and trying the products,but the photography, writing and everything that has to do with creating the content that gives me great joy. Hereby a big thank you for all the brands I had the honor to collaborate with!

Cheers to all the great memories we made in 2020! I’m wishing all my readers the best for 2021! Thanks for your endless support in 2020! I will continue blogging on in 2021 and I hope you will continue to read along

xo. Gwen

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