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Monthly Update June 2021

Monthly Update June 2021

I’ve been missing writing monthly updates about my personal life. These articles used to be such a hit on my old site and always had a lot of readers. However, I stopped writing monthly updates on here since I didn’t have enough content for these articles anymore since I was at home all the time during lockdown.

Over the past two months I’ve been outside more since the COVID restrictions are being lifted bit by bit. As a result, I now have way more interesting monthly updates to share with you guys again. I even went on a three day trip to The Hague and to my first concert since a while. Therefore, in this monthly update article from June (and a bit of May) I will tell you all about my latest adventures!

Weekend Trip To The Hague

This was technically not in June, but I’m just going to sneak this part in here. Anyway, my mom and I decided to go on a short trip to the Hague between my exams. We were finally able to use public transport again for non-essential travel, so we traveled to The Hague by train. We stayed in The Hague for two nights at the Holiday Inn Express The Hague – Parliament hotel.

The weather was amazing mostly strolled around the city and did some shopping. Most importantly, we ate some fabulous food while we were there, and even ended up drinking some cocktails at Bar & Restaurant Milú. You can read all the details about my travels in my recent Weekend Trip To The Hague article!

First Concert Since Ages

Monthly Update June 2021

Theaters were allowed to open again from June 5th. Therefore, we went to a performance by DeWolff at Theater Heerlen exactly on that same day. It was my first concert/show since ages! We bought tickets a few days in advance and went to the gig with the three of us. We enjoyed their show very much and ended the evening with dinner at McDonalds!

Record Shopping In Venlo

Coincidentally, we had to be in Venlo this month so this was the perfect opportunity for me and my brother to explore the city. We mainly shopped at the general clothing stores such as Primark and H&M, but also came across this gem. Obviously, with this gem I mean Sounds, which is a record shop located in Venlo.

We nosed around looking for all kinds of records and CDs from our favorite artists. Certainly, we found what we were looking for. We have bought several CDs and among them the new album of my favorite band, that unfortunately is not yet sold as an LP.

Burgers & Cookie Dough In Utrecht

Venlo was not the only place I visited this month with my brother, we also went to Utrecht! We arrived in Utrecht on a Friday evening, but we were just in time for the shops to close. Firstly, we started off with some vintage shopping at Episode and then headed to Hoog Catharijne (indoor shopping center next to the Utrecht central station) to visit a few more stores. After that, we started to get hungry and we decided to sit down and eat a burger at The Burger Federation. Let me tell you they sell one heck of a vegetarian burger! Delicious!

In the meantime it started to get rainy again, but we still walked around the city a bit after dinner. Eventually we ended up at Belicio Cheatday where we stopped to get some dessert as they were still open late. I went for a scoop of Red Velvet Cookie Dough and my brother for a ‘small’ cookie. After we were drenched from head to toe, we wrapped up our evening in Utrecht and headed home.

Sundays Are For Plant Shopping With Your Bestie!

I ended June with a few relaxed days after I finished all the exams I had this month. I ended the month on a cozy note by meeting up with my bestie on a Sunday for some plant shopping. We walked to a garden center in my neighbourhood for some houseplant shopping.

In the end we returned home with a new plant and some terracotta pots. When it started to storm outside, we went inside and painted our terracotta pots with some of our favourite music in the background. All in all a cozy and fun day with my bestie!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the highlights of my life this month. Let me know in the comments if I should start writing these monthly updates again or if I should just give up forever.

xo. Gwen

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