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Monthly Update August 2021

Like Taylor Swift said it: August sipped away like a bottle of wine. She wasn’t wrong cause it definitely did! August was the last month of my summer break. I look back on August as a quiet month with lots of time to relax. But, relaxing and taking it easy wasn’t all I did this past month. For instance, I worked on a cool Instagram collaboration/giveaway, went to a walk-in event and had some fun with my friends! Here’s what I did in August 2021!

Scented Candle Collaboration And Giveaway

I started the month of August with a collaboration with Struck by Roses. Together we organized a giveaway for my followers. To illustrate, in our giveaway you had the chance to win a wonderful handmade soy scented candle of your choice! In addition, you could even write your own text on the scented candle. Struck by Roses has already chosen their winner and I hope that person has received their scented candle of choice!

Girls Trip to Utrecht

During my vacation in August, I went on a little trip to Utrecht with my friends. It was such a fun time! We went shopping and ate some delicious food in Utrecht. We went to stores like It’s A Present, Dille & Kamille, Broese Booksellers and Kilo Kilo Vintage. In addition, we had Dalgona iced coffee at Broese and burgers at The Burger Federation and it was all so yummy!

Walk-in Event At The Body Shop

This month I was also invited to my very first event since COVID. I was invited to an event organized by The Body Shop in Maastricht. The event consisted of a tour of the store in Maastricht plus information about the products and different scent ranges they have available. However, I was mainly invited for the introduction of the Refill Stations.

The refill stations are a concept of The Body Shop to save more plastic and offer their costumers a more sustainable option than their standard plastic bottles. At these refill stations you can have your favorite products refilled and you don’t waste any plastic packaging! Interested to learn more about The Body Shop Refill Stations? Check out my ”The Body Shop Introduces Refill Stations article”!

How was your Summer vacation/August?

xo. Gwen

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