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How To Propagate The Tradescantia Zebrina

One of my favorite houseplants is the Tradescantia. Not a big surprise since I now own 3 different Tradescantia’s. I am a proud plant-mother of the Zebrina, Nanouk and Quadricolor Tradescantia. My collection is far from finished because there are a million other ones besides the ones I already own. Since, the Tradescantia is an easy to care for plant, it’s one I can keep alive. Besides, the Tradescantia being easy to care for, it’s also a plant that’s extremely easy to propagate. Propagating a Tradescantia can be done in different ways, but I would like to show you how I always propagate my Tradescantia Zebrina. (This propagation method works for all Tradescantia’s with the exception of the Tradescantia Spathacea.) Therefore, welcome to my How To Propagate The Tradescantia Zebrina article!

How To Propagate The Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina Propagation

1: Cut off a healthy stem, about 10 centimeters long.
2: Remove the leaves from the bottom half. If you leave them on there is a chance they will rot faster.
3: Put the cutting in water. You can stick it directly in soil as well. Make sure that you keep the soil slightly moist when you put the cutting directly in soil. However, I like to put mine in water so that I can see the growth of the roots. Besides, it is easier to determine how the cutting is doing and if it needs any extra help from me to grow roots.
4: When the roots of your cuttings in water are about 10 centimeters long, they can go into the soil. Keep the soil moist for the first week or a bit longer.
5: There you have it, a new Tradescantia Zebrina plant! Made by you!

How To Propagate The Tradescantia Zebrina

Extra Tips

1: The green varieties of the Tradescantia need more light than the colored ones such as the Zebrina. For that reason, it is best to put your new plant made by cuttings in a lighter spot.
2: If your Tradescantia grows too long, you can always prune it back. Cut behind a leaf, that way the plant will grow back and that may make it even fuller.

How To Propagate The Tradescantia Zebrina

Ready to start propagating your Tradescantia Zebrina? Give it a try sometime! You will be rewarded with a cute little self-made plant, wonderful to keep for yourself and even more fun to share with someone you love!

Do you own a Tradescantia in your houseplant collection?

xo. Gwen

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