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How To Propagate The Philodendron Scandens

Philodendron Scandens, better known as the Heartleaf Philodendron, is an easy-care hanging plant. Its vines can grow quite long if cared for properly. When its vines have grown too long for your liking you can propagate your Philodendron Scandens. Propagating a Philodendron Scandens is fairly easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Follow these steps below on how to propagate the Philodendron Scandens!

Locate The Aerial Roots!

There is a little trick to propagate the Philodendron Scandens you might like to know. You cannot propagate a philodendron from a leaf cutting only. For that reason, you will have to take a cutting from the philodendron with a bit of stem and an aerial root. An aerial root, also known as a node, is that brown/greyish part sticking out of the stem, usually near the leaf.

How To Propagate The Philodendron Scandens

Philodendron Propagation Steps

1: First off, start by locating a node somewhere on the vine you would like to cut a piece of your philodendron off. To make a successful Philodendron cutting you need an aerial root aka the node and a leaf from the vine. This way you can make multiple cuttings from one vine if you’d want. Keep in mind that if you want to make a fuller plant with the cutting, you need at least 5 to 7 cuttings, because a long vine will grow from each cutting.

2: Cut about two centimeters below the aerial root at each spot you want to take cut a cutting from. You can cut off the excess pieces of stem that is between the cuttings, because nothing grows from the stem itself.

How To Propagate The Philodendron Scandens

3: Next, you can put all of the cuttings in containers or vases filled with water. Make sure that all nodes must be in the water, because that’s where the new roots grow. You can also put the cuttings directly in some soil. If that is your preferred propagation method, make sure you put the cuttings about 1 cm deep in the soil. Keep the soil slightly moist for the first few weeks to months.

4: Put the cuttings in a bright spot with indirect sun. It can take a long time for your cuttings to grow roots, especially in the fall and winter months. In the meantime, keep the water fresh and change it at least once a week to prevent algae from growing in the water.

5: When the roots of your cuttings are about 10 centimeters long, they can be planted into some soil. Keep the soil moist for the first week or two. And there you have it, your new baby Philodendron plant!

Try It Yourself!

Ready to start propagating your Philodendron Scandens with the help of my propagation steps? Give it a try sometime! You will be rewarded with a cute little self-made plant, wonderful to keep for yourself and even more fun to share with someone you love!

xo. Gwen

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