How To Have The Best Birthday When You’re Self-isolating

Hey there, my lovely reader! Have you also had to cancel your birthday plans this year because of coronavirus? If, like me, you’re celebrating your birthday during this weird and confusing period, I have some great ideas on how to spend your birthday during self-isolation! Many of us are having to put our lives on hold and stay in self-isolation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t party on your own! Stay positive and make the best of it with these tips I got for you!

Bake your own birthday cake

We can’t all be Gordon Ramsey, but it is super fun to bake your own cake! Find an easy and tasty recipe and get started with the ingredients that you have at home. It doesn’t need to be ”Great British Bake Off” worthy, as long as it’s delicious! Just experiment with what you got in the pantry!

Order yourself gifts online

Although we aren’t able to go shopping right now, you can still treat yourself by buying yourself a gift! To spoil yourself a bit, you can easily order a present for yourself online. What’s a birthday without the gifts, right? Many stores have online promotions and free shipping right now, so take advantage of those perks!

Have a picnic

The weather is getting better and better now that it is officially spring! Don’t want to sit inside all day for your birthday? Then go for a picnic outside! Make some treats and take it to your backyard in a basket or find a quiet place elsewhere on your own. I don’t recommend inviting anyone who you’re not self isolating with, but going out with those in your household for a picnic in a quiet area is really fun.

Video call loved ones

This is a lonely time for most people. We can’t just see our friends and loved ones for our birthdays. Especially if you are in self-isolation on your own, it can be very uplifting if you video call with loved ones. You can even try doing a group video call on platforms like Zoom, Skype or House Party!

Throw an at home spa party for yourself

Your birthday can also be a day of relaxation. If you want to do absolutely nothing, this is your moment. Nobody will force you to be social. Grab your favorite spa essentials and get comfy! Turn your house into a spa with candles and nice scents!

Have a movie night

If you like movies as much as I do, you can enjoy an evening in front of the tv. Put on some Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other provider and watch any movie you want. It’s your day, you deserve to choose the movie! You can binge watch all the Star Wars or Marvel movies (or if that’s not your thing, just anything will do)! And oh: don’t forget the popcorn!

Order in or takeout

Don’t feel like cooking? No problem, it’s your birthday! Order anything you’re craving for you and your family from the local restaurants. It’s a nice way to bring a bit of normality back in your life and support the local businesses.

Create your own escape room

Suppose, you’re in lockdown with family members or housemates, you can organize your own escape room. Get creative and create your own or let someone else create one for your birthday. There are even online services that can offer you an already made escape room for inside!

Whatever you choose to do for your birthday, make it a fun day for yourself. It is a dark and lonely period, but realize that once it’s over you can throw a party again! Stay positive and make the best of it! You deserve it! I hope you have a very happy birthday and may your next birthday be with all your loved ones! Let me know what activity you’re doing on your birthday in the comments!

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