Earthastic Reusable Food Wraps

I’m always looking for new ways to reduce my plastic waste and be more environmentally friendly. Earthastic introduced me to a whole new way to reduce plastic use when packing or storing food. No more plastic bags to wrap of store your food in. Earthastic sent me their reusable food wraps for me to try.

About Earthastic

Earthastic was founded with one goal in mind: to promote the use of plastic-alternatives and other 100% bio-degradable, natural, and eco-friendly products. The brand believes that if everyone does their part, slowly but surely we can start reversing the environmental damage caused by the use of too much plastic. With every plastic-alternative product that you buy, there’s a plastic product that you don’t buy and use, thereby doing your part in reversing the environmental damage caused by plastic use.

Earthastic Reusable Food Wraps

Eco-friendly, Re-washable & Reusable Food Wraps

The Earthastic reusable food wraps are created to be a great alternative to single-use plastic, zip-lock bags, sandwich bags and traditional cling wrap. The 100% eco-friendly, re-washable and reusable Earthastic wraps are to store, pack and carry you delicious foods! The wraps are produced in Australia’s beautiful Hunter Valley with 100% natural ingredients and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. And the best part? They will last to up to 1 year!

Each set comes with 3 wraps and each set contains assorted designs. Each set comes at a price of €24,99. The Earthastic reusable food wraps can be used to wrap and store cut fruits and vegetable, cover salad bowls, leftovers, plates and can be fold into pouches for sandwiches, crackers and more, to name a few.

Earthastic Reusable Food Wraps

I’m Never Using Plastic Bags For My Foods Again

I’m very happy with my Earthastic food wraps. For me they are a great alternative to single-use plastic. I can use these to wrap my school lunch in everyday. As a result, I can reduce my plastic waste by so much. I already use lunch boxes, but these food wraps make it easier to individually wrap my foods. The wraps keep my food fresh without making it taste any different (like plastic or such).

I wasn’t sure about these food wraps at first, as I found it an unusual way to wrap or store food. However, I do think it’s a great alternative and there’s nothing wrong with these food wraps. It’s a small change to make, but can save you so much plastic waste! Using plastic bags to store or carry food is just doing too much damage to the environment, that it’s a shame not to use an alternative. I don’t think I can ever go back to using plastic bags when there are products like these food wraps available for us to use instead.

Would you be open to try plastic-alternatives like these food wraps?

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