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Earthastic Organic And Sustainable Chocolate

It happens sometimes that I receive surprise packages with gifts from brands that I work/worked with. From the brand Earthastic, for which I previously wrote a review about their Reusable Food Wraps, I received a very tasty gift! Earthastic had sent me their 100% organic and sustainable chocolate!

Not everything I receive appears on the blog or social media. I have to be 100% behind the brand or product before sharing it here. However, of course I already know this brand from a previous collaboration and I really enjoyed this chocolate. Therefore, especially out of personal interest and as a thank you to the brand, a short article about the Earthastic organic and sustainable chocolate!

Earthastic Organic And Sustainable Chocolate

Chocolate That’s Kind For The Earth!

Good for you, good for the planet. The brand Earthastic pride themselves in making the kindest and the most delicious chocolate bars you’ll ever eat. The Earthastic chocolate bars are kind for the earth, because the chocolate is made using 100% sustainably sourced ingredients and are 100% organic. Similarly, the packaging is 100% recyclable & compostable (yes, even the ‘plastic’ wrapper)! This means no waste is left behind after enjoying that chocolate bar!

You can currently buy the chocolate bars exclusively as a Milk & Dark Chocolate Gift Set containing all 4 bars, on The gift set consists of 4 bars of 50g each in 4 different flavours: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut & Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate Fig & Sesame, Dark Chocolate Tangerine & Sunflower seeds, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Raisin. Both of the dark chocolate bars are vegan!

Earthastic Organic And Sustainable Chocolate

Chocolate Taste Test

I’m a huge chocolate lover! But then who doesn’t love a good rich piece of chocolate! When I received this tasty gift from Earthastic I could hardly stop myself from eating all the chocolate immediately. Luckily I could stop myself from eating them, to quickly take some pictures of the chocolate bars for a blog article!

I don’t have much to say about the chocolate itself, other than the fact that the chocolate bars are delicious! The flavour combinations Earthastic choose for their bars are great! The flavors are pleasant and without too much fuss. I can really appreciate a classic chocolate bar and it’s safe to say my family does too. I didn’t even get the chance to taste the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut & Salted Caramel bar, because my family had already eaten it without me! Luckily I still have some of the other chocolate bars left!

Are you a chocolate lover? What Earthastic chocolate bar would you like to taste?

*This article contains gifted products

xo. Gwen

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