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DIY Clay Pins & Magnets

Since lockdown 2.0 I have been getting creative. I already tried more DIY projects than I did before this year! My most recent project was making DIY clay pins & magnets. I came up with the idea, because I was looking for pins to pin on my school bag. I found a Youtube video explaining how to make your own pins, magnets and even jewellery from polymer clay. That’s why, I thought it would be fun to turn it into a DIY project and make my own pins and magnets!

I didn’t have all the supplies to make the clay pins and magnets at home, so I had to buy some items in store or order them online. The polymer clay, magnets and brooch backs are some specific crafting items, you can most likely only find at a craft store. I ordered these items from a craft store called Pipoos, but I’m sure you can get these items at any craft store. I also chose not to coat my pins and magnets with UV resin or varnish after the clay has been painted. Some people add a coating to the clay to get a slightly different look, but I just like them without. Here’s how I make my DIY clay pins and magnets!

DIY Clay Pins & Magnets


– Oven-bake / polymer clay
– Acrylic paint
– Paintbrushes
– Rolling pin
– Craft knife
– Brooch pins
– Magnets
– Superglue
– UV resin / acrylic varnish (optional)

Shaping And Baking The Clay

Start with kneading the clay as directed to get it ready, then roll it out on a clean surface to the thickness you prefer your shapes to be. For the bottom surface I used two magazines covered with baking paper, so that I wouldn’t cut into my desk. I just came up with this set-up for crafting these pins and magnets, because I didn’t have a cutting matt.

After rolling out your clay, you can start making the shapes. I used cookie cutters and cut out my own shapes with the crafting knife. You can also place designs on the clay to use as a template and cut them out with a crafting knife. It may be easier to cut out the designs if you trace the template with a toothpick first, then discard the template and cut out the shape.

In addition, preheat the oven to the temperature suggested on the label of your clay. After you made all your shapes, bake them in the oven at the suggested time. When the clay is done baking, turn off the oven, but don’t take the clay out immediately. Let it sit in the oven for a while and let it cool down slowly, which gives itextra strength. I prefer this method over taking them straight out and handling them at their most fragile stage.

Time To Paint!

My favourite part of making these clay pins and magnets has to be the painting! After letting the clay cool down completely, it’s time to paint! Acrylic paint is the best one to use for polymer/oven-bake clay. Other paints can otherwise break down in the oven, because they can’t stand the heat.

I just painted mine as my heart desired, but you can also look up some inspiration online. You can use tools like toothpicks, cotton swabs or special dotting tools to help with the details, and you can also use paint markers.

(After painting you can add the optional UV resin or acrylic varnish.)

How To Make DIY Clay Pins & Magnets

Lastly, you can turn your clay creations into pins, magnets or jewellery. I turned my creations into pins and magnets. To do that, I waited for the paint to dry and used super glue to stick the brooch pins and magnets to the back of the clay. To make a cute gift, you can attach the pins to gifts or wrap the magnets and jewellery in some festive gift packaging/wrappers.

DIY Clay Pins & Magnets

In this article I wanted to show you how I made my DIY clay pins & magnets. I hope this helps you out and inspires you to get creative and make you own clay creations! I always forget how much fun and even therapeutic these creative activities can be, and it’s such a joy to get back into ’em now I have the time!

Show me what you did! Share your finished DIY clay creations and tag me on Instagram @dreamerslabnl!

xo. Gwen

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