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A Small Halloween Celebration

I must admit, Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year for parties and get-togethers. I absolutely love Halloween, and although here in the Netherlands it’s not taken as seriously as it is in other parts of the world, I still like to do my best to make it fun and give it my all. This year, because of covid, we’re celebrating Halloween a bit differently. We’re I’d normally go all out and invite all my friends, this year I only threw a small Halloween celebration for three of my friends.

Having just a little party is not the worse thing to happen, but I just feel bad for the friends I couldn’t invite and the more the merrier, right? Even though I could only invite a few friends to my Halloween party this year, it was still lots of fun!

A Small Halloween Celebration

Horror Movie Night

I’m a big horror movie fan around halloween-time and love having friends over, turning of the light and jumping out of our skin! You can watch horror movies all year round, but Halloween is the perfect time to watch the extra spooky ones or some of the classics. We decided to watch The Nun. Since we were only with a few it was easier to seat everyone and watch a movie together. A positive thing about only being able to invite limited amount of guests!

Watching a movie isn’t the only thing we did. We listened to scary music, took some time to catch up and of course ate lots of delicious foods!

A Small Halloween Celebration

Halloween Snacks!

As for the snacks I made vanilla cupcakes. My mom decorated them for me with buttercream and Smarties, since I was busy decorating the house. Of course I served more food than just the cupcakes. I can’t let my guests starve!

My friend Leva brought a whole tray of chopped off fingers with blood as a snack for us, made specially by her lovely mom. The chopped up fingers were made out of sausages and ketchup. I wasn’t able to eat them unfortunately, but the rest of the guests enjoyed them and I love the gesture!

Being able to still throw a small Halloween celebration this year, made me so happy! Everyone had to dress up in Halloween costumes too, which made for some great laughs and photographs. My friends looked so great, I even felt underdressed. I love how seriously everyone took it to be dressed scary! It was the perfect opportunity to get seriously creative with hair, makeup and costume!

Thanks girls for your enthusiasm and such a fun night! I’m glad we were able to do this in the covid situation. This Halloween celebration definitely made 2020 a bit better!

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

xo. Gwen

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