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Your Decision Subscription Box

Because natural, vegan and responsible is always your decision! Say hello to Your Decision! Your Decision is a Dutch webshop with a very important and sustainable vision. I had the honor to be Your Decisions first collaboration and they have sent me their Your Decision Box. Together with you I’m gonna take a look what’s inside this subscription box!

Everything in this box is vegan and responsible. I am definitely a fan of that and hopefully you too! Finally, don’t click away too quickly, because at the end of this article you will find a discount code with which you get a discount on your first box if you subscribe to the Your Decision Box!

Your Decision Subscription Box

Vegan Subscription Box

So, you might be wondering, what’s inside the Your Decision subscription box and where can I subscribe. First off all, it’s very easy to subscribe to receive your very own Your Decision Box at home. You can subscribe to the Your Decision Box via When your subscribed you will a receive a suprise box every 8 weeks full of products for home and body. Your Decision will make sure that everything in that box is natural, vegan and responsible.

The Your Decision Box subscription will cost you €37,50 per 8 weeks (or per box). The box will have a total value of around €70. Furthermore, each box has its own theme. The once they’ve currently shipped to all their subscribers has a summer/vacation theme. The boxes will be delivered to your home for free, they will help you go through life responsibly in a glamorous way and are shipped sustainably!

Unboxing My Your Decision Box

This months edition of the Your Decision Box is filled with goodies for summer and travelling. A very appropriate theme since many people are able to travel again this summer! This edition of the Your Decision Box includes a sunscreen stick, reusable cotton pads and a complete set of mini skincare products from the beauty brand Balm Balm.

Your Decision Subscription Box

We Love The Planet Sunscreen Stick

A sunscreen is unmissable from every suitcase. Therefore, Your Decision has chosen to include a sunscreen stick from We Love The Planet with SPF20 in this box. The We Love The Planet sunscreen stick is 100% vegan and made from natural ingredients. The ingredient list of the sunscreen stick includes coconut oil, rapeseed oil and corn starch, which makes the stick easy to spread and makes your skin feel soft.

I have been using the sunscreen stick from We Love The Planet for two days now. It’s been sunny, so a good sunscreen with SPF20 came in handy. I’ve figured out that besides vegan this product is also zero waste, reef friendly, water resistant and hypoallergenic, which makes this product even better! The sunscreen has been very enjoyable so far. It smells heavenly, spreads easily and doesn’t feel sticky or thick on the skin. Thus, this sunscreen stick is definitely coming on vacation with me!

Balm Balm Starter Kit

What should also not be missing from your vacation this summer is a good skin care routine. For that reason, the Your Decision Box contains a Balm Balm Starter Set. This starter set contains lots of amazing skincare products in travel size: Super Light Coconut Cleanser, Rose Floral Water, Little Miracle Rosehip Serum, Beauty Balm, Hibiscus Face Mask and a Organic Muslin Cloth.

I’ve already tried all these skincare products and I fell absolutely in love with the brand. Trust me I did a whole 5 step-skincare routine with these products this weekend because I couldn’t wait to try these! Each product contains such wonderful ingredients and they come in the cutest organic cotton canvas zipped make-up bag. The Balm Balm Starter Kit contains everything you need for your skincare routine on vacation and all products are travel size and therefore perfect to pack in your suitcase!

Reusable Cotton Pads

Last but not least is the Your Decision Box which contains three reusable cotton pads. The letter from Your Decision does not state the brand of these reusable cotton pads, but it does say that these are made of Bamboo and Cotton. Furthermore, it states that there is a difference in the cotton pads. The white is a scrub pad, for tenacious makeup and the black one is for daily use.

I don’t think the cotton pads in the box are something special since I already have a few myself, but more of them are always welcome. On the other hand, I do understand that this is an interesting product for people who are not yet introduced to the concept of reusable cotton pads. By reusing cotton pads you prevent a lot of waste, so I personally think it’s a product that everyone should use or atleast give a chance!

Is The Your Decision Box Worth It?

Your Decision Subscription Box

What did I think of the Your Decision subscription box? Is it worth your money? Quite honestly… yes I do think so. First off, the contents of the box are certainly worth more than what you pay for it. I even searched the internet and found that the Balm Balm Starter Kit already costs €35 and the Your Decision Box comes at a price of €37,50. Secondly, it is of course great fun to receive and unpack a gift for yourself every 8 weeks!

I feel like these products that Your Decision has selected for this box are of great quality and look + feel luxurious. I think it is an extremely cool and important concept to let people experience that you can also use vegan, zero waste, natural and sustainable products in a glamorous way.

With my code “Gwen10” you will be able to get a 10% discount on your first Your Decision Box! This code is valid until July 31.

This article was written in collaboration with Your Decision.

xo. Gwen

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