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Ultimate Skin Aesthetics Express Moisture Mask Review

I have a combination skin and sometimes my skin just needs a little moisturizing boost. I always tackle that problem by using a good moisturizing mask if I have one. I was very pleased with this mask and wanted to share my Ultimate Skin Aesthetics Express Moisture Mask review with you!

Extra Moisture When Your Skin Needs It

The Ultimate Skin Aesthetics Express Moisture Mask is a quick 5 minute face mask. It aims to give your skin a moisture boost and revive radiance! The mask contains ingredients such as aloe to freshen up your skin as well. After use, you’re supposed to remove the mask and clean up your face, so don’t leave the residue on your face.

ultimate skin aesthetics express moisture mask

A Quick And Effective Face Mask

I know now why this mask is called the ‘Express Moisture Mask‘. It’s super easy and quick in use and it’s really effective! Given the fact you only leave this mask on for 5 minutes, it’s not at all time consuming.

I really liked using this mask, since it allowed me to give my skin that moisturizing boost it needed. Afterwards my skin felt reborn! My skin was incredibly soft and nourished! It really gave my skin a healthy boost without imbalancing my skin and making certain areas on my skin extra oily. This is the best mask if you’re in a hurry or can’t sit still and want to take good care of our skin! Love this Express Moisture face mask from Ultimate Skin Aesthetics !

What is your favourite moisturizing face mask?

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