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Trying Stila Cosmetics Lipsticks | Color Balm Lipstick & Stay All Day Matte’ificent Lipstick Review

Some time ago I purchased two beautiful Stila Cosmetics lipsticks at TKMaxx. I purchased a Color Balm Lipstick and a Stay All Day Matte’ificent Lipstick. I have been using them for a while and I thought it would be enjoyable to share something about the Stila lipsticks!

As I said, I purchased the Stila lipsticks at TKMaxx. They were priced €5,99 each. I wasn’t able to switch the colors of the lipsticks, so I just picked two colors I thought I would probably like. The fact that the lipsticks are also both different makes it entertaining to get an impression of Stila’s lipsticks and what they’re like in terms of quality. It’s my first time trying any products from the brand Stila, so this will be my very first impression of the brand!

Stay All Day Matte’ificent Lipstick

To begin with, I have the Stay All Day Matte’ificent Lipstick from Stila in the shade ”soirée”. It looks like a really bright pink color on the packaging, but it’s such a radiant pink color! What is noticable when you apply the lipstick is that the color is very vivid and rich.

As the name says, it’s a matte lipstick. The lipstick has a immensely nice creamy matte finish and feels exceedingly weightless on the lips! It’s surprisingly not drying or heavy at all, which some matte lipsticks do tend to be. I would rate this lipstick very well! I consider this as a marvellous matte lipstick! Striking matte color, goes with everything, no weird taste and a quality product!

Available at Stila online for a price of £16.00.

Color Balm Lipstick

The other lipstick I have got is the Color Balm in the shade ”aubrey”. The color is a mid tone mauve berry, but tends more to a pinkish berry in my opinion. I do really like this color though! It’s very pretty on the lips and again just like the other lipstick, this color goes with everything!

The formula of this Color Balm is tremendously nourishing and just like a balm it contains Peppermint Oils that cool and calm. The Color Balm also gets a a delish scent from the Peppermint Oils! I consider I slightly like this lipstick just a bit better than the matte one. I do prefer the color of the Stay All Day Matte’ificent lipstick over this one, but the Color Balms stays my favourite, because I really like this balm formula. It’s so, so, so lovely and my lips feel very soft and hydrated when I wear this Stila Color Balm! This is definitely one of the better lipsticks out there!

Available at Stila online for a price of £16.00.

Buying these lipsticks from Stila at TKMaxx, even without swatching them, was a huge success. Turns out Stila has lipsticks of great quality! Now that I know this, I would definitely go back to TKMaxx to see if they have more Stila lipsticks laying around for me to try out! Mission successful! I hoped you liked this review! Let me know in the comments what your favourite lipstick is and if you’ve ever tried any from Stila.

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