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Trying A Budget Jade Roller For Under €5

It looks like a real jade roller, but it’s most likely not. We all know them by now, because the jade roller has become very popular on social media. It is known for the working function of its stone and the promise that the working power really does something magical to your skin. Actually, the only special thing about these rollers should be the jade stone inside. You can only see results if it’s a real jade stone. The rollers are therefore terribly expensive. You’re already quickly paying an amount of around 30 to 40 euros for a so-called real jade roller.

I Bought A ”Fake” Jade Roller

I don’t ever want to spent so much money on a beauty tool like that and think it’s all a bit exaggerated. In my opinion, it is really too much money for a beauty tool that you will probably not even use anymore after a week. So, I thought it would be fun to look for a very cheap jade roller without real stone and try it out. Without added value, can such a jade roller still be fun as an extra tool in your skincare routine night? I found a jade roller for only €1,99! Of course I assume that there is no real jade stone in it and I thought this one would be appropriate to put to the test. Curious what I thought of it? Then keep reading!

About The Jade Roller

This Betty’s jade roller looks good! It looks like any other jade roller and it doesn’t feel fragile. It has one big stone and a smaller one at the end. On the packaging is mentioned that the Jade Roller should help with reducing dark circles around the eyes, stimulate the blood flow and oxygen, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, helps absorb creams, oils and serums and is exceedingly relaxing.

As material on the back it says they used natural jade, but you can just tell it’s not real jade or it has at least been modified A LOT. I even searched on the internet how to tell if a jade is real. I did a couple of tests and took a better look at the stone and (without looking at its ”too good to be true” pricing) there’s just no way this is a genuine one.

My Opinion

I personally really like using this ”fake” jade roller. It’s just a extremely amusing and refreshing beauty tool to use and this roller lives up to my expectations. I like that the roller has a cool touch to it, which makes it very pleasant for my skin. The roller can actually reduce dark circles if you do have one that is cold to the touch, so make sure you buy the right jade roller. I mostly use it for serums and sheet masks. Buying a cheap jade roller isn’t such a bad move at all and even though it’s a fake jade stone, it is nice to have one!

You can buy the Betty’s Jade Roller (the one I’m testing) from Action in store for a price of €1,99

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