The Body Shop Introduces Refill Stations

The Body Shop Introduces Refill Stations

I was invited to an event organized by The Body Shop in Maastricht. The event consisted of a tour of the store in Maastricht plus information about the products and different scent ranges they have available. However, I was mainly invited for the introduction of the Refill Stations. The refill stations are a concept of The Body Shop to save more plastic and offer their costumers a more sustainable option than their standard plastic bottles. At these refill stations you can have your favorite products refilled and you don’t waste any plastic packaging! I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

The Body Shop Introduces Refill Stations

How Do The Refill Stations Work?

To save more plastic, The Body Shop came up with the idea of offering refillable bottles that you can fill with your favorite shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. The refillable bottles are aluminum bottles. The refillable aluminum bottles are available for €2,50. In addition, filling it up with a product of your choice will cost you €7.

The products they offer in the refill stations can differ per store. Because the concept has only just been introduced, the range is still fairly small. However, if the refill stations turn out to be a success, more products will be added. The Body Shop’s goal is to introduce 400 refill stations into their stores worldwide this year alone and another 400 in 2022.

The Body Shop Introduces Refill Stations

A Cool Concept To Save Plastic!

I personally think the introduction of the refill stations in The Body Shop stores is such a superb concept! Instead of solid bars of soap, The Body Shop deliberately chose to keep their products liquid, but the refill stations make it a more sustainable choice than plastic bottles. It is a simple and effective way to save plastic. In addition, The Body Shop aims to go completely vegan in a few years and lessen their plastic packaging. I myself am becoming more critical and aware of sustainability and I think it is extremely cool that The Body Shop is now paying more attention to how they too can offer more sustainable alternatives!

The price of the refillable bottles is the same as a plastic bottle of product at The Body Shop. Best of all, the plastic bottles contain 250 ml and the refillable bottles contain 300 ml. As a result, you always get 50 ml of product for free when you go for the refillable option! An extra reason from The Body Shop to let their customers switch to refillable and therefore plastic-free. When it comes to sustainability and plastic-free, I’m always happy! If we all pay a little more attention to our plastic use, we will come a long way!

Have you spotted the refill stations in The Body Shop stores yet? What do you think of this new launch?

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