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The Best Tropical Lip Balm For The Summer! | Balea Berry Coco Lip Balm Review

I’m not a big lip balm lover, but I can’t resist one with a fruity or sweet scent. I get dry lips from time to time and I normally only buy Vaseline for my lips, but when I saw this scent/flavor in the store I fell in love. This lip balm smells like strawberries and coconut! The best tropical mix out there if you ask me!

Strawberries And Coconut For Tender Lips

The Berry Coco lip balm from Balea has a strawberry and coconut scent/flavor! The formula of the lip balm is curated with almond oil, beeswax and candelilla wax. The lip balm has a soft nude color finish, giving your lips a bit of color! The recipe is also without microplastic and the packaging is recyclable!

Unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio!

This product completely meets my expectations! The lip balm glides beautifully over the lips and has a smooth melting consistency. The formula helps a lot against dry lips. Especially in dry seasons I would really like this. The fragrance is just so incredibly nice, it’s irresistible! I would almost like to bite into the lip balm that’s how great the mix of coconut and strawberries smells!

The only downside to the lip balm is that the scent evaporates a bit immediately after application. However, it doesn’t bother me a lot since the formula cares so well for my lips. This lip balm has an unbeatable price-performance ratio, since the lip balm only costs €0,75! I can only recommend the lip balm, especially for this low price!

You can purchase the Balea Berry Coco Lip Balm from the site for a price of €0,75!

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