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The Best Essence Cosmetics Products

Essence Cosmetics Products

I love it when I find a good under-the-radar, quality brand. One thing I really love about Essence Cosmetics is, that it is lots of fun for little money. You may wonder: if it’s so cheap, can it be of great quality? Now, here is the cool thing: yes! In fact I think quality really matters to Essence Cosmetics. I have been using so many products from this brand that I have made a list of the best Essence Cosmetics products.

I’m really impressed with their products and I’ve been using them for years now. They keep expanding their collection and even changing their formulas to be vegan! All of their products are fantastic, but I have a small collection of products that I am totally in love with. I’m going to show you the best products to buy from Essence Cosmetics!

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

The tinted gel of the Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows. It will provide the brows with colour, density and shape!

This is my favourite product for a quick fix eyebrow makeup. It seriously sets my eyes brow hairs in place and the color is long lasting! With this eye brow gel, my brows look natural and not too thick. I will keep repurchasing this eyebrow gel over and over again!

Price: €2,59

Essence Cosmetics Product

Bye Bye Panda Eyes! Smudge-proof Volumizing And Defining Mascara

Even drugstore mascara’s can be expensive, but not this one. It’s great quality and gives my lashes everything they need to make my eyes pop out.

The oil-free and vegan formula of the Bye Bye Panda Eyes! mascara not only coats the lashes in black, but also wraps itself around the fine hairs. It lasts all day and can even withstand sweat and tears. And the best thing is: it doesn’t clump or crumble!

I love this mascara for its fine texture, long lasting/waterproof effect and the definition it gives my lashes! To clarify, it lasts all day long, doesn’t smear or flake and so far I haven’t ended up with panda eyes either.

Price: €3,59

Essence Cosmetics Product

Instant Matt Make-up Setting Spray

The Instant Matt Make-up Setting Spray is a light, transparent spray to set your makeup look into place. The Instant Matt is enriched with a natural complex of active ingredients to mattify the skin, set make-up in place and make your makeup last longer. The formula is oil-free and non-sticky!

I’ve been using this product for more than a year now ever since a friend recommended it to me. After that, I have been in love with this setting spray ever since. It keeps my makeup perfectly in place the whole day long and keeps it matte!

Price: €2,99

All About Matt! Fixing Loose Powder

One of the latest members of the Essence family is the: All About Matt! Fixing Loose Powder. The popular Essence product ‘All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder‘ is now also available as a loose powder. The loose powder mattifies the complexion, absorbs excess oil and sets the make-up in place. The loose powder is suitable for “baking” liquid and creamy textures and adapts to all skin types thanks to the transparent color.

This loose powder only recently launched, but it is already one of my favourite makeup products. It sets my makeup into place and keeps my skin mattified all day long! Furthermore, the powder doesn’t dry out my skin or cause excess oil production or clogging of the pores.

Price: €3,89

Essence Cosmetics Product

I hope you liked my recommendations for the The Best Essence Cosmetics Products! Essence Cosmetics is such an inexpensive, but high-quality brand that their products are accessible to everyone. Essence gives you easy access to great products that inspire you to express who you are with style, confidence and fun. They say ”no” to animal testing and ”yes” to quality with prices affordable enough to try a fabulous new look whenever you want! I absolutely love this brand!

What is your all-time favourite product from Essence Cosmetics? Be sure to share them with me in the comments below!

xo. Gwen

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