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Testing Reusable Cleansing Pads From Primark

Every night I use cotton pads to remove my makeup. As a result, I use an estimated 14 cotton pads per week. All these used cotton pads end up in the trash. For that reason, I would like to switch to a more sustainable alternative than the single-use cotton pads. Fortunately, nowadays reusable cotton pads/cleansing pads exist! Yay! However, I always found the reusable cotton pads very expensive and I could not find any affordable ones anywhere. Until I recently visited Primark in The Hague and to my surprise they sold reusable cotton pads for an affordable price. I immediately bought a set of 10!

I am a big fan of sustainable alternatives to everyday products and I really enjoy testing these items. Even now I am very excited and curious to try these reusable cleansing pads from Primark. If I’m happy with these I’ll have to go back to Primark soon to buy a few more! I am afraid that these 10 pieces will last just 1 week before they are all in the washing machine getting ready for another round.

Testing Reusable Cleansing Pads From Primark

About The PS… Naturals Reusable Cleansing Pads

Each set for a price of €2,50 comes with a net bag filled with 10 reusable cleansing pads. The set with 10 reusable cleansing pads is for sale at Primark and is part of the PS… (Primark’s beauty brand) Naturals collection. The cleansing pads are made with 73% bamboo and 27% cotton. In addition, the cleansings pads are completely vegan.

Testing Reusable Cleansing Pads From Primark

How To Use Reusable Cleansing Pads

You can use these reusable cleansing pads just like the disposable cotton pads you’re used to. The only difference is that these are reusable and thus they need to be washed to be used again.

In short, you can use these reusable cleansing pads for whatever you’d like. Use these cotton pads with your favourite make up remover, toner or whatever. After use, you can put the used cleansing pads into the net bag that comes with the cleansing pads and place them into the washing machine. After each visit to the washing machine, you can use the cleansing pads again and again. Do make sure you wash the reusable cleansing pads separately from the dark colors.

Final Verdict

First of all, what immediately strikes me about these reusable cleansing pads, is that they are a lot bigger than the disposable cotton pads and I found out that I quite like it. I use the cleansing pads with my favorite micellar water from Garnier to remove my makeup. I normally need at least 2 of those disposable cotton pads to remove all my makeup, but only 1 of the resuable ones because they are bigger. Furthermore, the reusable cleansing pads from Primark are fairly gentle on your skin. They are not rough at all, but very mild on the skin.

Testing Reusable Cleansing Pads From Primark

I did notice when washing the reusable cleansing pads that I didn’t get all the makeup residue washed out. However, this had probably nothing to do with the quality of the cleansing pads, but with how I washed them.

To sum up, I think the reusable cleansing pads from Primark are a success! I would definitely buy more of these in the future, especially as they cost only €2,50 for a set of 10. The size is great, they are soft on my skin and do exactly what they’re supposed to do!

Have you already switched to reusable alternatives for disposable everyday products yet ?

xo. Gwen

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