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Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

As a little kid I always used to go on vacation to Sweden. I have a profound love for Sweden and I was over the moon when reached out to me to send me a package. They had sent me a couple of Swedish vegan beauty products to try. Inside the package were a body lotion, shower cream, hand soap, hand cream and a deodorant. Let’s try some Swedish vegan beauty products!

Swedish Webshop

Bring Sweden into your home with the products from the Dichtbij Zweden (english translation: closer to Sweden) webshop. This Ducth webshop sells brands of Swedish origin. Most of these brands stand for quality, luxury and especially sustainability. The vast majority of the range on their webshop is therefore vegan and has an ecological or environmental label. The products they sell can therefore certainly be called an ecologically and responsible choice!

Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

LdB/ Hand Soap/ Passion Boost/ €3.95

Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

LdB/ Deodorant roller/ Rich Jasmin/ €3.49

The Swedish brand LdB

The Swedish beauty products I received from Dichtbij Zweden, are all body care products from a Swedish brand called LdB. A bit of information about the brand: The abbreviation LdB stands for Lait de Beauté. The brand is founded by Knut Wulf, who was a leading and famous hairdresser. He brought the brand LdB from Paris and launched it in Sweden in 1945. Today LdB’s products are still made in Sweden in the city of Falun. LdB is one of the favourite brands among the Scandinavian population! *The majority of the LdB range on the Dichtbij Zweden webshop is dermatologically tested and vegan!

Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

LdB/ Body Lotion/ Oil Infused Macadamia/ €4.95

Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

LdB/ Shower cream/ Citrus Essence/ €2.95

Swedish Vegan Beauty Products From

LdB/ Hand Cream/ Vitalizing Sweet Pea/ €3.95

My Take On The Swedish Beauty Products

Firstly, I just have to say that these products smell amazing! Dichtbij Zweden has sent me different scents to try and they all smell so so good! Further, they are very nourishing body care products. Especially the body lotion and hand cream feel immensely pleasant for dry skin. In addition, the products are of wonderful quality and the prices on the Dichtbij Zweden webshop are genuinely affordable!

Have you ever tried any Swedish beauty products?

*This article contains gifted products

xo. Gwen

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