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Stenders Cosmetics Soap Clay Review

Have you ever heard of soap clay? Soap clay is soap, but the texture is the same as Playdough. They come in all kinds of vibrant colors and you can make fun shaped with the soap clay and wash yourself with it when you’re done. It is a great shower/bath product for children, but it can be big fun for adults as well. Stenders Cosmetics has even won a Red Dot Award for their soap clay. I’m very amazed by the whole soap clay trend and I had to try it for myself! I picked up the ”Golden Lemon” hand and body Clay soap from the new Stenders Cosmetics store in Maastricht. Let’s try it out!

What is Soap Clay?

The Stenders Cosmetics soap clay can be anything you want it to be. Best of all, it can be a body wash, hair shampoo, bath bomb or all of them at the same time! You can shape the soap clays into any shape you’d desire and use it as a wash for your body. Like Playdough, but as a soap!

The soap clay I picked up at the store, the Golden Lemon, has a a juicy citrus and raspberry aroma with peppermint essential oil as a key ingredient for a little kick!

Soap Clays are available at for a price of €5,20 per piece.

Red Dot Award

Like I had mentioned in the introduction of this article, Stenders Cosmetics has won a Red Dot Award for their Soap Clays. The Red Dot Award annually highlights products with excellent design quality and it is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. In 2021, the Stenders Soap Clay has become the first Latvian cosmetics manufacturer to earn an award in this competition. They were praised for their imagination, creative thinking and finger dexterity, which motivates children to wash themselves regularly and with joy.

Stenders Cosmetics Soap Clay Review

Stenders Cosmetics Soap Clay Review

The Soap Clays from Stenders Cosmetics have a lovely vibrant color and scent to it. The texture of the soap clay is super soft and easily shapeable, which makes it easy to use for children! I prefer to use it as a body & hand wash. The clay foams very nicely and practically has the same performance as a regular soap bar. However, the soap clay is very special in its design, making it a one of a kind product!

In short, I love the color, scent, texture and the fact that it is fun to use and useable as different shower & bath products! The Stenders Cosmetics Soap Clay is an amazing cosmetics product for every kid (and adult) and I would definitely recommend trying it. Plus, I think it would make an amazing gift for anyone who likes bathing!

Would you like to try the Stenders Cosmetics Soap Clay?

xo. Gwen

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