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STARSKIN VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask Review

How many steps does your skin care routine consist of? Mine would be about 4 steps. A skincare routine existing of 7 steps sure sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t have to be with the Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask. This mask is a special 7-in-1 beauty product, providing you with all the necessary in only (7) seconds!

7-in-1 Beauty Product

The Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask is a 7-in-1 beauty product. This beauty product combines the 7-step skin ritual into one easy-to-use, innovative and ultra-concentrated mask. Therefore, it’s meant to instantly leave the skin feeling fresh and bright in just seconds! Each pad is infused with a super-powered serum. Further, the pad acts as a leave-in mask that will nourish the skin all day long.

The mask is to be used as a brightening last-minute skin care treatment. The fact that it’s a mask would make it ideal in preparation for an upcoming event, when you need to squeeze in every last bit of skincare into your routine before you leave.

STARSKIN VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask Review

Not Actually A Mask

This Starskin mask isn’t like any other mask. It’s not a spreadable, neither a sheet mask. But, it’s a pad infused with a serum that you can message your face with. To me, it’s not really to be called a mask, but a skincare treatment. That is to say, because it feels like your giving your skin a fancy facial treatment instead of using a facial mask.


In conclusion, I’d say I quite enjoyed the Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask. It feels like a complete facial in just one product! Above all, the mask is quick and easy in use, making it a convenient mask for people who don’t have much time to do a whole skin ritual or who are on the go. I prefer to use in the evening, so I can wake up the next morning with wonderful soft and well-hydrated skin!

Are you familiar with the brand Starskin? Would you try this mask?

xo. Gwen

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