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Balea Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask Review

Balea Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask

Refresh and hydrate your skin with the Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask from Balea. The Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask is currently available as a limited edition product as part of the Summer collection. I can’t wait to let you know more about this hydrogel mask! In this Balea Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask Review, I will fill you in on all the details about this limited edition summer face mask!

Combination Of Efficient Skin Care With Colorful Design

Wonderfully refreshing and fruity: This pink hydrogel face mask combines efficient care with colorful design. The pampering formula with watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture and ensures a firmer and more radiant complexion. The pleasantly cooling mask gives the skin a natural glow.

The valuable ingredients can be optimally absorbed. Thanks to the two-part shape suitable for every face shape. The hydrogel mask has a jelly texture made to perfectly adhesive to the skin for optimal care. The two-part shaped mask has a rib pattern to perfectly stick to your face, making sure it will stay on and do its job.

Intensive Moisturizing Care With Watermelon Extract And Hyaluronic Acid

I found this mask absolutely fantastic! It took such good care of my skin. It is a mild mask, but very moisturizing. This mask is wonderfully refreshing for the summer!

In conclusion, it didn’t have a lot of watermelon fragrance in it, which is actually just fine. You don’t want too much fragrance in your skincare. Further, the mask stays on perfectly, which surprised me. The Firming Watermelon Hydrogel Face Mask has a soft gel texture (the hydrogel) that adheres pleasantly to your skin without leaving a sticky feeling. It adapted perfectly to every facial contour, almost like a second skin.

Above all, my skin felt extremely soft and hydrated as a result of this mask! It did its job and, for €1,99, that is all that matters!

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