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#PlasticFreeJuly | Foamie Soft Satisfaction Shampoo Bar Review

The whole month of July is #Plastic Free July. This hashtag is meant to make people aware of their plastic usage and waste. I try to continuously reduce my plastic consumption. One of my favourite ways to reduce my plastic consumption in my daily beauty routine is to use naked shampoo bars for my hair. Shampoo bars are ideal for washing your hair without using any plastic bottles! A shampoo bar is a solid wash for your hair. A single bar could last up to 50 washes and they can do the job of three 250g bottles of liquid shampoos! It’s a small change, but it makes a notable difference!

My go-to shampoo bars are the ones from Lush. However, the ones from Lush can be very pricey. That’s why I’ve been trying various other brands. You might have seen my article about the Fair Trade, Organic and Vegan Shampoo Bars From Koseli. I still have one of their bars tucked away in a drawer, but I wanted to try a different brand again. Today’s article will be about the Soft Satisfaction shampoo bar from the brand Foamie. Compared to the ones from Lush or Koseli, this one looks very different, so I’m excited to try it!

3 In 1 Solid Hair Care For Sensitive Hair: Massages, Cleanses And Cares

The Foamie Soft Satisfaction Shampoo Bar is made to treat sensitive hair, but is also suitable for other types of hair, because of its mild formula! The shampoo bar has a 3 in 1 hair care for sensitive hair. The bar massages, cleanses and cares. Hydrolysed wheat protein in the shampoo bar provides special soft and strengthened hair. The shampoo bar is specially modeled to fit on the hair and scalp to give better grip, which I’ve never seen before with a shampoo bar. It’s like a regular bar of soap, but with an arc shape on the bottom. This Foamie bar is also vegan, dermatologically tested and made in Germany!

How Much Plastic Do We Really Use In The Bathroom?

Why are the Foamie shampoo bars actually good for the environment and what helps to save plastic? Let me explain… Europe had a total population of about 741 million (about 11% of the world population) as of 2018. Let’s assume that an average hygienic person uses one bottle of shampoo every two months, which is six bottles a year. If only 1% of those switch to packaging-free hair care, 7.4 million plastic bottles are saved each year! If that’s no reason to switch to shampoo bars!

My Overall Thoughts About The Foamie Shampoo Bars

I’m truly obsessed with shampoo bars right now! No matter what brand I can’t get enough! They are so much better for the environment and they feel superb for my hair and scalp! Foamie is just another brand taking steps in the right direction to encourage people to be better for the environment. I really enjoyed using this shampoo bar from Foamie and pricing was very reasonable (Foamie shampoo bars are around €3-€5). I really enjoyed this one’s scent, I liked the consistency of the bar and the positive effect it had on my hair. It’s a very mild shampoo for your hair and at the same time it keeps your hair nourished and clean! I would definitely purchase these shampoo bars from Foamie again! Especially since they’re purchasable at the drugstore for a great price! (and these shampoo bars can get pricey)!

The Foamie Soft Satisfaction Shampoo Bar is available at the Foamie webshop for a price of €4,95!

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