MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask Review

MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask Review

I can name many moments when I’m in desprate need to relax. Just a short moment for some me-time to relax and unwind. On a dark and rainy autumn day when I feel anxious or don’t feel like myself. In today’s article I wanted to show you one of my favourite masks I like to use for a little me-time. Sit back, relax and take your time to read my MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask review!

Relaxation Method From Japan

This MegRhythm eye mask is originally from Japan. Many Japanese people generally work hard and many hours. That is why they pay attention to relaxation rituals. Using these self-warming eye masks is one of their popular relaxation methods. According to MegRhythm, the eye mask soothes tired eyes and relaxes your body and mind. Examples that the brand uses for which this mask is ideal are before sleeping, while traveling and at work to recharge you.

The mild steam in the mask heats the eye mask to 40 degrees as soon as you open the pouch. You can use the eye mask immediately and it will stay warm for about 20 minutes. The mask has fastening straps for around your ears as well as an inlet in front of your nose, so that the eye mask can sit as close to your eyes as possible. After use and when the eye mask has cooled down, you can throw it away.

Reborn And Completely Zen With The MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask

Some might think a beauty item like this is a complete waste of money. However, I just had the best experience with the MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask! I didn’t know what the expect from an eye mask like this, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it. The eye mask indeed heated up as soon as I opened it and the smell of roses was somehow extremely calming.

I just decided to give it a go and laid down with my eye mask for 20 minutes and listened to my favourite podcast in the mean time. I almost fell asleep during my relaxation session and I felt relaxed, zen and like a new person afterwards! In the future I will definitely purchase more of these MegRhythm Self Heating eye masks. I would love to try the lavender scent next! These eye masks can really help anxious people to relax or fall asleep faster. For me, the MegRhythm Self Heating Eye Mask is definitely a repurchase!

Should I try the lavender scent, yuzu citrus scent, or the unscented version next?

xo. Gwen

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