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Makeup Revolution Crème Lip | Review

I recently placed an order at an online beauty store named Boozyshop. One of the products I have ordered from there is this Makeup Revolution Crème Lip. Since Makeup Revolution is a very popular brand among my readers, I would like to review this lipstick for you! Hopefully it will help you out if you’re interested in this product!

About The Makeup Revolution Crème Lip

I’ve purchased the Makeup Revolution Crème Liquid Lipstick in the color ”Cupcake 137”. It’s a fun light pink color! All the 88 shades of nude lips from this Revolution lip range are available in in 4 different finishes, Crème, Sheer, Liquid Matte, Matte Lipstick. The liquid lipstick in the shade ”Cupcake” that I have here, is the Crème formula. The Crème lipsticks will have a buttery formula that glides on to a satin finish. This lip formula in particular should be amazing for people who suffer with dry lips, but is also suitable for all lips.

Unusual Formula?!

I’ve tried better products from Makeup Revolution

This isn’t what I was looking for

I personally don’t like the Crème formula of this liquid lipstick. The formula is immensely hydrating on the lips and feels brilliant, but I don’t like the buttery texture. It’s almost too much of a buttery/hydrating texture. As a result of the texture, the lipcolor gets into the lines of my lips and looks very messy and not how I would have liked it. I also feel like the color does not suit my skin color, which makes me dislike this lipstick even more. Of course, Makeup Revolution can’t help that, but that is my own opinion and preference. Trust me, I’m obsessed with this color, but I have a bit more of a tan skin tone and I feel like the pink color is slightly too light for my tone. I found this lipstick disappointing. I have tried/used better products from Makeup Revolution.

You can buy the Makeup Revolution Crème Lip Cupcake from Revolution Beauty online or in selling stores for a price of £4.00

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