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Lush Halloween 2020

Lush Halloween 2020

Welcome autumn! We’ve already arrived in the spooky season of the year and I’m looking forward to cozy times and Halloween! It wouldn’t be spooky season without the Lush Halloween 2020 collection.

The collection returns every year with a number of products exclusively for Halloween. Like every year I had to purchase myself some spooky treats at Lush! This year I went for the Ghost In The Dark Soap and the Boo! Shower Slime! I can already tell you that these two products smell amazing!

The Halloween Collection

This year’s Lush Halloween collection consists of vegan and ethical Halloween treats! We can agree that 2020 has been scary enough. For this year’s Halloween collection, Lush is bringing back that much-needed nostalgia with their not-so-creepy critters that keep the chilling vibe while celebrating from home. Some seasonal bestsellers like the ‘Lord Of Misrule‘ scent have returned to this years Halloween collection and some new additions have arrived as well.

Ghost In The Dark

How cute is this vegan, self preserving and ‘naked‘ Ghost In The Dark Soap! This skin-friendly ghost keeps your corporeal form in fine physical condition. The Citrus-sweet lemongrass lifts spirits, while fair trade organic cocoa butter moisturizes skin, making it supple and smooth. No need to worry about losing this bar in the night either: it glows in the dark! Scare away dirt, oil and dryness with one multi-tasking soap bar.

I haven’t tried my little ghost soap bar yet, but I can tell you it sure does glow in the dark! It’s such an adorable ghost and I really like that Lush added the glow in the dark effect. The glow in the dark effect can turn a simple soap bar like this into a fun Halloween product to use in the shower!

Lush Halloween 2020

Boo! Shower Slime

Meet your new slimy, shower sidekick. This slippery vegan shower slime is made with scrubby ground coconut shell to help shake off your dead skin cells. It wil leave you feeling soft and smooth! The Boo! Shower Slime comes with the seasonal bestseller Lord Of Misrule’s spicy-sweet perfume! The scent consist of vanilla absolute, black pepper oil and dark Sumatran patchouli oil for an aroma that’s stimulating, comforting and ground all at once.

Lush Halloween 2020

I just used this for the first time tonight, my first time using a Lush shower slime. Two fingertips of the shower slime is all you need, cause a little goes a long way! The coconut scrubbies in the shower slime left my body silky soft. I felt squeaky clean after my shower! I love the slimey texture! I’ve never used such an unique shower product before.

The scent to me screams autumn weather and spooky Halloween! I can sense the ‘Lord Of Misrule‘ scent in this, but it does smell slightly different to me. To me it’s a mix between sweet and a bit spicy. The Boo! Shower Slime is probably my favorite thing at Lush! I would definitely repurchase this one again next year!

This year’s Lush Halloween collection is definitely a success! The collection consists of some old trusty scents, as well as new Lush inventions. I have still yet to try many more Halloween products, but I do have to save some money for the Lush Christmas collection!

Let me know if you intend to purchase anything from the Lush Halloween collection this year!

xo. Gwen

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