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Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb Review

Who says you need a bath to enjoy a true Lush experience? Lush is particularly known for their bath bombs and bubble bars, but what if you don’t have a bath? A few years ago Lush introduced the Shower Bombs. It’s the same concept as their bath bombs, but the product is smaller and for single use in the shower. However, is a shower worth the €3,00 price for one single shower bomb? I tested the Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb and this is what I thought of it!

Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb Review


Firstly, let’s start with a bit of information about the Lush shower bombs prices. All the Lush shower bombs cost the same price of €3,00. To illustrate, the price for a shower bomb is cheaper than the average bath bomb which can range from €4 to €9,50. On the contrary, the Lush shower bombs are much smaller in size than the bath bombs.

Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

This small cutie, the Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb, contains ingredients such as cleansing Cypress oil, boosting Bergamot oil and soothing potato starch. The Comfort Zone Shower Bomb has a superb pink color and an amazing blackcurrant scent!

How To Use A Shower Bomb

As your shower hits your shower bomb, it’ll begin to foam in your hand. Scoop up a bit and smooth it all over your skin. Once you’re done, wash the shower bomb residue away and towel off.

Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb Review

Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb Review

The idea behind the shower bombs is that they are exactly like the bath bomba. You can use these shower bombs like a soap on your skin, which makes it more fun than just watching it go down the drain. The Comfort Zone Shower Bomb leaves a creamy pink berrylicious lather on your skin when you rub it in your skin under the shower. The pink lather feels really really nice and it smells wonderful. After washing the lather off it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. It leaves your skin soft and surprisingly nourished.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my Lush shower bomb experience. It’s not nearly as fun as a bath bomb, but perfect for those who don’t have a bath! I would gladly pay €3,00 for a shower bomb, because it does give you the real luxurious Lush experience.

xo. Gwen

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