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Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Treatment Oil | Review

If I see a skincare product with tea tree in it I need to have it! Tea tree is one of my favorite ingredients when it comes to skincare products to target impurities. I just cannot not buy a skincare product if it has tea tree in it. This applies to everything as well as to this Tea Tree Treatment Oil from Kruidvat Originals. I’ve never tried a tea tree oil, but I’m open to trying anything if there’s a chance it will help get rid of my impurities!

Tea Tree Oil Against Blemished Skin

Do you have blemished skin? Then you probably are familiar with those annoying red spots on your face (for me mostly my forehead). The Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Treatment Oil is a skin purifying oil that cares for your blemished skin. The chamomile in the treatment oil has a soothing and anti-irritant effect to work anti-inflammatory. You can directly apply the oil to impurities such as spots and blackheads and let the oil sink into the skin.

It does something…

I have a lot of noticeable impurities on my forehead on I like to mostly use products curated with tea tree to target those kind of impurities. As of a couple of weeks I’ve been using this Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Treatment Oil. The oil smells strongly of mint (so how tea tree smells) and it has a fine light texture. It is certainly noticeable that the stuff is anti-inflammatory and calming and helps against impurities. After a few uses I noticed that it helped reduce the impurities on my forehead, but it doesn’t completely get rid of them. It meets my expectations as it does something for my skin, but I can’t say this 100% gets rid of my impurities.

The Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Treatment Oil is available at Kruidvat online or in store for a price of €2,29.

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