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Honey Fresh Honey-based Natural Deodorant

Honey Fresh Honey-based Natural Deodorant

You can always make me happy with natural or environmentally friendly products. That’s why Honey Fresh Cosmetics sent me their honey-based natural deodorant. The honey-based natural deodorants from Honey Fresh are designed with quality ingredients to keep your armpits super fresh. Let’s see if it can do that exact same thing for me!

Natural Deodorant By Honey Fresh Cosmetics

Honey Fresh is a simple, effective and natural deodorant cream. Bringing together the antibacterial qualities of honey, arrowroot and several other natural ingredients, Honey Fresh came up with a recipe that works keeping the odour at bay. The natural deodorant will keep your armpits fresh all day, but it won’t stop you sweating completely (it’s not anti-perspirant). This means the formula won’t block-up the pores of your skin with aluminium.

Honey Fresh keeps it simple with the recipe. The deodorant is made using premium-quality key ingredients, with many of them organic, such as carefully sourced honey from the Netherlands as well as arrowroot powder and coconut oil.

Positive Environmental Change

Further more, the bigger picture for this product lies in my belief that cosmetics brands can lead the way in positive environmental change. As a result, the brand donates 5% of net profits to bee-keeping education and sustainability charities. They also uses bio-plastic sugarcane tubes (which are recyclable) as well as recycled materials in the rest of the packaging and a carbon neutral delivery service.

Original Pure Deodorant

Honey Fresh gifted me two of their natural deodorant creams to try and give my feedback. I received the ‘Original Pure‘ and the ‘Tropical Bali‘. I decided to go for the the ‘Original Pure‘. This way I can keep the other one sealed for another time and try the original formula. The Honey Fresh Original Pure is inspired by their first home-made recipe. This one deodorant cream is super-effective yet pleasantly subtle. The deodorants are delivered as 2 x 30 ml tubes at a price of €22,00 (That is quite expensive might I say).

Honey Fresh Honey-based Natural Deodorant

My Experiences With The Honey Fresh Deodorant

I have never used a spreadable deodorant cream before, but I am surprised at how good this product is! I have very sensitive armpits and can easily get skin irritations from deodorant. Therefore, I normally use a hypoallergenic roll-on deodorant or at least one without any aluminium. However, I didn’t experience any skin irritations with the Honey Fresh deodorant, which makes me very happy.

To sum up, the Honey Fresh Honey-based Natural Deodorant turned out amazing for me! The deodorant feels great and the texture is very easy to spread over your armpit. I was a bit worried about the color of the cream, since it’s yellow, but as soon as you rub it on your armpits, the deodorants is absorbed into the skin, which results in no yellow stains on my clothing. Most importantly, I have been testing it for almost a week now during a heatwave and it kept all the nasty odour at bay! The deodorant from Honey Fresh performed beyond my expectations and I enjoy using it! Can’t wait to try the ‘Tropical Bali‘ next!

What is your favorite deodorant brand?

This article contains a gifted item

xo. Gwen

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