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Holika Holika Acai Berry Pure Essence Mask Sheet | Review

I’m obsessed with k-beauty! I’ve been wanting to try the brand Holika Holika for a while now and lately purchased a bunch of their sheet masks, including this Acai Berry Pure Essence Mask Sheet. The sheet masks from Holika Holika are quite inexpensive and fun to try! I’ve never tried anything from this brand before, but the masks I received look peachy! Keep on reading to learn more about the Acai Berry Pure Essence Mask Sheet from Holika Holika!

Sheet Mask Details & Description

To begin with, you must be wanting to know a bit more about this sheet mask. The Acai Berry Pure Essence Mask Sheet from the brand Holika Holika is a typical Korean-beauty mask. You can buy the Holika Holika Acai Berry Pure Essence Mask Sheet from online for a price of €1,95.

This mask comes from a range of al kinds of colorful sheet masks with some great beneficial ingredients for the skin. The Acai Berry sheet mask provides the skin with a nourishing and vitalizing effect to create healthy-looking skin. The rest of the instructions on the back were in Korean and unfortunately I do not speak Korean, so this was all I could make of it.

Does the Acai Berry mask perform well?

I had an overall good first impression of this mask. The packaging is colorful and cheerful! The scent of the sheet mask is delightful as well! It smells really sweet and as expected like Acai Berries.

About the mask’s performance for my skin I’d have to speak less positive, I’m afraid. My skin felt really dry during the time I was trying this mask, but after using the Acai sheet mask I can’t say my skin feels more nourished. Disappointingly enough, the mask didn’t seem to make a difference for my skin. My skin still looked dull and still extremely dry. I’m taken aback to say that the mask didn’t work for me and wasn’t worth my money, even though the mask was particularly affordable. I hope the other two masks I purchased from Holika Holika will have a better effect on my skin.

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