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Happinesz Natural Deodorants

When making the switch to natural deodorant, there’s a strong chance you might not right away find the perfect deodorant for you. It’s really a matter of finding what works best for you. Not every natural deodorant works for everybody. I have found that the organic & natural deodorants from Happinesz work best for me!

The natural deodorants from are completely vegan, toxin free, aluminium free, cruelty free and contain no plastic. It’s time to ditch that drugstore antiperspirant for natural deodorant and try something more natural!

Happinesz Natural Deodorants

Happinesz Body Care

Happinesz is a small Dutch company making 100% natural deodorants and body care products. Their products are based on coconut oil and all organic. Why I found the brand so amazing? The deodorants aren’t just better for you by being paraben free, aluminum free and toxin free. The deodorants are also formulated to contribute to a better world. Therefore, they are plastic free, cruelty free and vegan!

Happinesz Natural Deodorants

Ditch That Drugstore Antiperspirant For Happinesz Deodorant!

I recieved the natural deodorants from Happinesz in the scents ”Suntribe” and ”Urban Summer”. Happinesz sells four deodorants in different scents, including one scentless. I have been using the deodorant in the scent ”Urban Summer” for two weeks now. My experience with Happinesz deodorant is very positive!

This deodorant has not disappointed me. What I especially like is the consistency of the deodorants from Happinesz. It doesn’t melt when you sweat a lot and so far no white stripes have appeared on my clothing. Most importantly, the natural deodorant does its job by keeping away the nasty odour! The notable ”Urban Summer” scent from the deodorant unfortunately doesn’t linger all day (since it’s very subtle) , but at least the nasty scents won’t show up. Finding a natural deodorant that will keep the odour at bay all day can sometimes be a struggle, but I’m very glad I found the Happinesz deodorants!

Would you consider switching to natural deodorant?

*This article contains gifted products

xo. Gwen

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