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Go For Extra Hydration This Summer With The New Biodermal Sun Products 2020

It’s officially Summer! If I could offer you only one tip for the future, it would be to wear lots of sunscreen. Inner beauty is great, but a little sunscreen never hurt anyone. The sun is ready for Summer and, with a little help from the new Biodermal sun products, you can be too! Biodermal has two new sun products this year: the Hydraplus Sun Spray SPF 50+ and After Sun Cooling Gel-Cream. Biodermal is going for extra hydration this summer! Are you ready for Summer?!

Hydraplus Sun Spray SPF 50+

Did you know that you have to rub sunscreen on your skin every 2 hours in order for it to be protected from the sun? Then spread at least 7 teaspoons at a time: 1 for the face, 6 for the body. Applying sunscreen is probably not your favourite activity, but the spray bottle of the Hydraplus Sun Spray makes it easy, fun and fast to apply your sunscreen. The Biodermal Hydraplus Sun Spray was already available in SPF 30, but is now also available in SPF 50+ for when you are looking for that extra high protection!

The Hydraplus Sun Spray SPF 50+ protects, cares for and moisturizes. The high-quality combination of UVA & UVB filters protects your skin
immediately against solar radiation and the Triple Moist Complex offers intensive and long-lasting hydration deep into the skin.

I really like to use this sun spray because of its light texture! The sunscreen doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and absorbs quickly into your skin. The sunscreen also protects well against sunburn and it is indeed easier to use due to the spray function! Another thing I noticed when using the sunspray was its delightful scent. I love it! No appealing sunscreen scent, but just the opposite! I’m definitely taking this sunspray with me to the beach this Summer!

After Sun Cooling Gel-Cream

It is sometimes forgotten, but taking care of your skin after
sunbathing is very important! The After Sun Cooling Gel-Cream from Biodermal provides immediate cooling and calming after sunbathing. The carefully composed formula moisturizes the skin for up to 24 hours!

Panthenol (provitamin B5) in the After Sun soothes the skin and the moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerine, provide long-lasting hydration. The convenient tube makes it easy and therefore more attractive to use the Gel-Cream. No more reason to skip the aftercare!

The After Sun Cooling Gel-Cream has a great texture and scent! The texture is a combination of a gel and cream combined together, making it extremely pleasant to rub it on your skin. It feels extremely refreshing using this after sun after being in the hot sun all day long! I usually never use aftercare, but this Biodermal product has persuaded me to finally use some after sun. I don’t think I can ever go without it from now on!

Sun Lip Balm SPF 25

Have you ever burned your lips? I haven’t, but it certainly does not seem like a nice feeling to experience. I didn’t mentioned it at the beginning, because you can’t purchase this product anymore, but Biodermal has made a lip balm with SPF 25! The lip balm moisturizes and protects your lips against UVA and UVB rays just like the sunspray. The lip balm comes in a small tube with a lipgloss like applicator. The lip balm even has a glamorous natural pink shade to it!

The lip balm itself looks like a full on lip gloss, but with a very neutral pink shimmer tint. I love! I feel like I can just wear this instead of a lip color or lip gloss on hot Summer days. It’s a pleasant feeling knowing your lips are protected against the sun and can look fabulous as well!

I’m sure of it that I’m ready to take on the Summer with my new Biodermal products! I will from now on make sure to always use an after sun after sunbathing and always protect my lips against the sun! With warm thanks to Biodermal for providing me with these products! No strings attached, and opinions are my own. Would you also like to try out these products yourself? You can purchase them at or in selling stores.

Thank you for reading!
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