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Get Your Skin Summer Ready With The Tropical Balea Copacabana Sheet Mask

Get on your tropical vibes this Summer with the new Copacabana Sheet Mask from Balea! The Summer climate can have an effect on your skin. Think about all the sunrays, the temperature and all the sweat. All the more reasons to take good care of your skin. Moisturizing is one of the most important and effective ways to take care of your skin. The Copacabana sheet mask (available at has the effective moisturizing effect your skin needs this Summer with a tropical theme! This mask will provide your skin with all the good stuff for a price of only €0,95! At least I thought it had all the good stuff in it…

Moisturize With Coconut Water And Almond Oil

Let yourself be carried away to the Copacabana of Brazil: This pampering Copacabana sheet mask from Balea with natural coconut water and almond oil provides intensive moisture. As well as it provides the skin with a silky smooth feeling. After usage the should skin look smoother and wonderfully relaxed! The Copacabana sheet mask has an exotic scent of tropical flowers that seduces the senses and inspires you to dream. The formula is completely without microplastics, water-soluble or purely synthetic polymers. This sheet mask even is vegan!

Too Much Perfume!

The Copacabana smells an awful lot like coconut oil and you can tell there is too much perfume added to this skincare product. My skin immediately got irritated when I put on the sheet mask. I felt a burning sensation the whole time and just after I removed the mask the burning sensation left after ten minutes or so. The mask did feel very moisturizing and in the end there was no visible irritation on my skin, but this mask is just way too perfumed to do some good to your skin. I had high hopes for this mask, because all the other Balea masks I’ve tried this far worked very well for my skin, but this really wasn’t it.

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