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E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade Set Review

We’ve all suffered from extremely dry lips. Putting on lipstick on chapped lips is no fun and can look very messy. I found the perfect set of lip products, to both moisturize and color the lips! On the menu today: my E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade Set review

I purchased the E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade set at a TK Maxx store for only €3,99! Such a great price for a set of three E.L.F Cosmetic lip balms! I’ll be putting the products to a test to see whether they really give color to my lips and if they hydrate my lips enough.

E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade Set Review

3 Lip Kiss Balms In The E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade Set

This E.L.F Cosmetics set consists of three tinted lip balms. The lip balms in this set are the Lip Kiss Balms, which are also sold separately by E.L.F. These beautifully tinted lip balm help create baby soft lips, so you can always be kissable! Each color should provide your lips with a sheer tint of coverage for a lovely and luscious lip effect.

The formula is infused with Vitamin A & E, Grape Seed Oil, and Jojoba Oil to help nourish, protect, and moisturize the lips. The silky smooth aspect of the formula is made to glide on the lips for a long-lasting comfort, while the minty flavor of the balms keeps the lips fresh. In the Lip Parade set you’ll find the Lip Kiss Balms in the shades: Bare Kiss, Xo Red & Berry Sweet!

Xo Red Lip Kiss Balm

Bare Kiss Lip Kiss Balm

E.L.F Cosmetics Lip Parade Set Review

Berry Sweet Lip Kiss Balm

Great Quality And Pigmentation!

These lip balms are great for dry lips! I like to mainly use them as a an on-the-go product. I keep a different one in each of my purses and handbags. These lip balms are high quality and the formula is superb! The formula feels easy to apply, lightweight and very moisturizing. The thing I was most surprised about was the pigmentation of the lips balms. I expected a hint of color, but got a explosion of pigmentation!

The Bare Kiss surprised me the most, because even this one has a lot of pigmentation. I think I might even like this one the most out of all the colors. The Xo Red is a classic red and Berry Sweet is a dark red color, which are stunning colors as well. the Elf Cosmetics Lip Parade Set totally surprised me in terms of quality and I will certainly purchase more E.L.F lip products in the future!

Let me know your favourite lip balm in the comments!

xo. Gwen

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