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Douglas Collection Hair True Volume Volumizing Jelly Mask Review

Last Christmas, I got this hair mask in my advent calendar from Douglas. The mask seems radiant to me and I would love some extra volume in my hair. I’m delighted to share a review of the hair mask with you!

Appalled By The Modest Size?!

The hair mask I have here is not what it normally looks like. I have a miniature version of the hair mask for one use, because it was in my advent calendar. Normally, this volumizing hair mask comes in a tube of 150ml.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
The actual size the mask comes as. Image: Courtesy of Douglas

A Brilliant Mask For Thin And Flat Hair

The Douglas Collection Hair True Volume Volumizing Jelly Mask has hair-improving and restorative properties to care for fine and flat hair. The formula contains white ginger and aloe vera extracts for the hair shape and texture. The hair mask should grant volume from out the hair roots and should detangles the hair. The unique jelly texture is to maintain the suppleness and lightness of the hair.

My Thoughts On The Jelly Hair Mask

I used the hair mask before washing my hair. I just used the same products for washing my hair as I normally do, but I could afterwards really tell the jelly mask had an impact on my hair. After rinsing the hair mask out and washing my hair, I blow-dried it. Afterwards, I could tell my hair was a lot more voluminous. My hair is naturally very flat, so I could really see the difference!

The next morning, when my hair was fully dried and I properly brushed my hair, it felt silky smooth and I was able to brush through it effortless. At a glance, my hair looked radiant and dazzling! This is certainly a successful and noteworthy hair mask!

You can buy the Douglas Collection Hair True Volume Volumizing Jelly Mask from Douglas online or in store for a price of €13,25 for 150ml.

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