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Customizable Mascara From FRIDAY

There are many types of mascaras, but how will you find the perfect one for your eyelashes? FRIDAY wants you to be in charge of the assembly of your own personal mascara. That is why, you can get your own customizable mascara from FRIDAY! You can choose your own mascara formula, brush and determine how often you receive your mascara.


The mascaras you can find in cosmetic stores aren’t always perfect for everyone and at FRIDAY it is possible to put together your own unique mascara! FRIDAY is the world’s first customizable mascara brand. The brand allows you to compose your own mascara with a choice of 6 formulas and 8 brushes.

“Make everyday feel like FRIDAY”, that’s FRIDAY’s motto. Positive, cheerful and honest are some words that the brand identifies with. They hope to convey those traits onto their products and onto the customers with the products and personal attention to the wishes of each customer. This can only be done by welcoming everyone to their brand. Long, short, few or many eyelashes … everyone is welcome at FRIDAY!

Customizable Mascara From FRIDAY

How The Customization Works

Assembling your customized mascara at FRIDAY works in three steps. First of all, you start by choosing the mascara formula you want. You can choose from 6 different formulas. All mascara formulas are suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers. In addition, 4 of the 6 formulas are vegan! These are the extreme volume, volume, all-in-one and the define & length mascara formulas. Furthermore, you choose what brush you would like to come with the formula. FRIDAY has 8 different brushes to choose from.

For the last step, you determine how often you want to receive your mascara. You can also order your mascara at FRIDAY once, but the best thing is that they have a repeat service. It’s like having a subscription for your mascara. If you opt for a single order the mascara will cost you €12,50 and if you choose to repeat your order it will cost you €10,50 (each time + shipping). If you want to repeat your order, you can choose to receive your mascara per month, per two months or per three months. As far as I understand, you can choose a different formula and brush with every repeat order.

Customizable Mascara From FRIDAY


It is great fun to be able to put together your own mascara with FRIDAY! I customized my mascara with the waterproof formula and opted for brush number 2 + brush number 5! It’s a marvellous waterproof formula and the brush covers all my lashes with a generous coat of mascara!

I always opt for waterproof mascaras, because they are better at holding the curl in my lashes when I use an eyelash curler. However, most waterproof mascaras that I like always have a weird brush that I don’t prefer. Now I had chance to customize my waterproof formula with a brush I did really enjoy using!

I love my own customized mascara and I would definitely buy one again, but I don’t think I would get a repetitive order. This is simply because my mascara always lasts longer than 3 months, especially now during a COVID lockdown when I wear less makeup.

What would your perfect mascara look like if you could customize it? Would you choose to receive a repeat order or a single order?

*This article contains gifted products

xo. Gwen

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