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Create Your Own Body Cream | Kruidvat Originals DIY Beauty Body Kit Review

I love DIY beauty kits! Making your own or assembling your own beauty products can be so much fun and entertaining. Making your own product allows you to get creative and give your own twist to the product. In the store the other day, I bought this The Kruidvat Originals DIY Beauty Body Kit. It’s a set to assemble your own body cream!

Add Your Own Ingredients

The Kruidvat Originals DIY Beauty Body Kit contains a body cream that is suitable for solo use, but has been specially developed to magically transform into a personal ‘home-made’ treatment by mixing with a natural ingredient. The DIY kit comes with a Kruidvat Coconut Oil Body Cream, a mixing bowl and spatula. Some do it yourself beauty recipe suggestions are adding; honey for extra hydration, fresh mint leaves for a refreshing effect, sugar for a scrub effect, olive oil for nourishing effect or cacao for a feel good effect.

The Kruidvat Originals DIY Beauty Body Kit is available at Kruidvat online or in store for a price of €5.

Your Own Do-It-Yourself Body Cream

Even though it’s a very simple set, it’s super fun to work with!The set is superb if you want to give a little twist to your everyday body cream or want to give it a different effect on your skin. The mixing bowl that comes with the set is very tiny, so you can make smaller batches of cream. You can mix it multiple times with different ingredients exactly how you like. The cream on it’s own is already very hydrating for the skin and smells great! It’s all up to you to make it your own creation!

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