A Week Planner Full Of Beauty Challenges To Do At Home!

Hopefully, you are currently staying inside during this ongoing pandemic. It’s the only way to stop the spread, but of course it’s no fun for anyone. We are currently living in difficult times, times full of uncertainty, fear and, above all, a lot of boredom. I would like to offer you some extra warmth and continue to inspire you to make the best of this strange period. That is why I have developed a super fun week planner, with beauty challenge for every day of the week, that you can do 100% from home! In this way I hope to help you relax a bit during this difficult period! Remember: we’re all in this together!

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Monday | Try a new Look

Monday is the start of a new week, which means that it’s also a week full of new looks! Try a look on Monday that you would normally never wear yourself or try something new! For example, take the time to perfect that natural make-up look or experiment with your eyeshadow palettes to create endless looks.

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Tuesday | Practice Some New Hairstyles

Now that we cannot go to the hairdresser, all of our hair will probably grown longer than we would normally have it. In any case, my hair is already growing a lot longer. I have never been a good hairstylist, but maybe it’s time to try some new hairstyles for my growing hair for when we get out of quarantine. Think about learning to braid your hair or making the perfect ponytail!

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Wednesday | Clean Up Your Beauty Stash

Cleaning up your makeup stash is always such a boring job and it can be a lot of work. Most of us leave this undone for as long as possible and eventually only start when we feel like we have the time for it. Now that you’re at home and have all the time in the world, it might be a good idea to start with cleaning up your mess. Then, it’s done and good to go for a long while! An extra tip: check the expiration date of all your skincare and make-up and throw away everything that passed it.

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Thursday | Upgrade Your Nail Polish Skills

All nail and beauty salons are now also closed, just like all the hairdresser. This means: doing your nails ourselves, so take your time and practice painting you own nails. Perhaps you will have the budget to order a set online and do gel nails. I tried the Meanail Paris Ruby Kit myself a while ago and an article with a review of the Ruby Kit can be found on my old blog if you are interested!

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Friday | Create A Full Glam Look

Ah, Friday. The day on which you might like to go out in the evening with friends, go out for dinner with your soulmate or dance the night away. Unfortunately, this is not possible now, but you can prepare for all those nice Fridays that are coming post-corona! Maybe a waste of make-up, but go create a full glam look for yourself on this evening. Practice with the products you got at home!

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Saturday | Try A Fun Beauty DIY

Time to get creative on your saturday! Pinterest is full of fun DIYs including many beauty related DIYs. I myself am a big fan of, for example, making soap at home! There will also be an article about that online soon, because I got a lot of comments on Instagram asking how I make my soaps. Especially in this time, making your own beauty products can be so much fun, because you can give them away and bring them to people you love and you can see them at a distance! Also, check out my Pinterest account (DreamerslabNL), because I pinned some cute beauty DIYs on there!

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Sunday | Me-time With A Good Facial Mask

I’m gonna finish this beauty week in style: with a wonderful pampering mask! After all those beauty activities and a week full of hard work at home, it’s time for some relaxation. There’s no better way to do that, than with a good ol’ face mask! Whether you have a facial, foot, hand, butt or boob mask at home (yes, those exist now), you’re free to use them ALL!

These were all the beauty challenges I made up for you and me to do! I hope you will join me in doing this weeks challenge. If you do, post about it on your Instagram and tag me @dreamerslabnl and use #beautychallengeweek. I’d love the see you guys try the challenges!

Thank you for reading!
Until next time!!

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